My Weekend #08

Monday, February 26, 2018

This weekend we went out and bought a tree. We took our time choosing it, picking the best specimen when we'd selected the variety. We came home with a flowering cherry that will come alive with double purple-pink flowers year after year.

We haven't planted it yet. We're figuring out the best place to put it, it'll be near the pond, we know that, but the exact spot has yet to be decided.

It's important that we pick the best spot, taking into account the changes we plan to make in our garden over the coming years, but the spot has to be just right because this is our Remembrance Tree.

There may not have been a first breath, but there was a heartbeat, with a heartbeat there was life, and when the heart stopped beating, death. But there can be no funeral when a life is not legally recognised.

Planting this tree will be our time to say a proper goodbye. And as it grows it'll be the only proof of existence, save for the scars on my body that will fade, and the feelings we hold in our hearts that never will.

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  1. I am deeply moved by you post, Hazel. Planting a beautiful, flowering tree is such a fitting way to say goodbye and remember your baby by. Sending a virtual hug your way, Hazel xxx

  2. What a beautiful way to remember x

  3. Oh Hazel, this made me cry. I am glad you've chosen such a beautiful way to remember your baby. I am sure you will think of it every time you see cherry blossoms from now on, and hopefully that will continue to help ease the pain.xx

  4. What a wonderful way to keep a living memory and to heal yourself.

  5. A lovely idea and a nice way to remember, though I am very sorry it's a tree for memorial rather than in celebration. *Hugs*

  6. What a beautiful post and tribute. I hadn't realised you lost a baby - I'm so sorry.

  7. Your post brought a tear to my eye, Hazel. What a beautiful tribute. You'll both get so much joy from that flowering cherry tree - something lovely from such sadness. xxx

  8. I don't have anything else to add Hazel - what a lovely way to remember - thinking of you!

  9. Oh what a beautiful way to remember your baby. Hugs to you.xx


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