Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Although winter starts on December 21st, I start my seasonal capsule wardrobes at the top of the month, just to make it easier, meaning my winter wardrobe runs through January, February and March.

This year I'm recreating last year's seasonal capsules, and this is what I had to see me through winter last year.

This was the only capsule of 2016 to include footwear. Come spring, I decided to wear any thing I fancied on my feet. I have trouble parting with shoes, and I have many pairs, so I decided it would be pointless to let a lot of them go unworn.

Taking my cue from Caroline over at Un-Fancy I chose to have up to 37 items in each capsule, she started with 37 and I figured it was a good place to start for me too.

Having completed four capsules, I think that 37 items is actually rather a lot. In each capsule there were always a few items that were worn only a few times, and some not at all. This time around I wasn't worried about sticking to a certain number, although 36 items will sit nicely in six rows of six for my capsule posts ;)

Of what I had last year I've kept 19 items. There are four items of clothing I no longer own, and I took out the footwear and a couple of other bits I didn't wear much.

I've added 14 items from other capsules, two new-to-me pre-loved shirts purchased in December, and a brand new Tu cardigan - a very recent purchase.

I have no spaces left so there's really no point in buying any new clothes anytime soon *cough* bloody unlikely *cough*.

So here's the winter 2017 line-up

I'm weirdly excited about starting another year of capsule wardrobes, I've made enough changes to keep it interesting, and know that I can create some new outfits from this new mix. I'm also looking forward to recreating some outfits from last year that I really enjoyed wearing.

After a year of reading my posts about them have I convinced you to try a capsule?

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  1. I buy quite a bit of Tu clothing, in fact the jumper I'm wearing today is Tu. I like you're new cardigan, it's one of those items which can be smart or casual, or smart-casual.

    1. I always see things in there that I like, and the prices are so reasonable. They're good for men's clothes too, I bought almost all the shirts from the winter collection for Andy!

  2. That new TU cable knit cardigan is lovely, and such a versatile piece for your capsule. I love how you teamed it with the pre-loved shirt. You are looking very elegant in that photo! xxx

    1. Thank you :) It's very versatile, I've worn it a lot already.


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