12 days of Christmas Swap

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Christmas day already seems like a dim and distant memory and we're only 19 days into the new year!

For the second year running I took part in Jo's Twelve Days of Christmas Swap. I enjoyed taking part last year, and this year was just as enjoyable.

Jo partnered me with April and we swapped parcels in early December.

April sent me a lovely array of gifts, all wrapped and numbered beautifully, and a lovely handmade Christmas card. She's a demonstrator for Stampin' Up UK and makes some beautiful cards, which you can see on her blog.

I opened my first gift on December 25th and continued opening one a day for the twelve days of Christmas.

My first gift was an adorable cat tote bag, followed by some mojito mint green tea, and then a mug cozy in soft pink yarn with the most adorable frilled button (April summed me up pretty well, don't you think?). Socks, pampering eye patches, and earrings followed, along with delicious marshmallow melts and the most amazing smelling sweet lemon sage hand and body lotion from OPI.

Glitter nail polish and mini nail files were followed by retractable animal print pencils and cute cat rubbers, a festive scented tealight, a card wallet, and to finish a hand knitted Christmas pudding with a Ferrero Rocher hidden inside!

A great selection of well chosen gifts I think you'll agree. Thank you April!

Sadly Jo has decided that not to run the swap again next Christmas. A few people who signed up didn't bother to contact the person they'd been partnered with, so some were left disappointed and without gifts. It's such a shame when people don't do what they say they're going to and let others down.

But once again I enjoyed the swap, seeking out suitable gifts and receiving them in return, so a huge thank you to Jo for organising the swap for a second year - it's a super idea!

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  1. This is such a lovely idea! x

    1. It is isn't it? Such a shame it's not happening again next year. It's nice to have gifts to open after the 25th.

  2. You received some wonderful gifts, I really like those cute kitty socks. I think everyone makes such an effort with the actual parcels too, prettifying and labelling them. Thank you for taking part, I'm so pleased you've enjoyed joining in, as you say, it's a shame it's come to an end now but it wasn't a very nice feeling to know that some people had pulled out and let their partners down. It all went swimmingly well last year so it was a bit of a shock to find that it didn't run as smoothly this time round.

    1. The socks are lovely :)
      It is shame it won't happen again but I totally understand why, I'd be really upset if I'd organised it and it hadn't gone to plan.

  3. This is a lovely thing to get involved with but it's a shame to hear that some of you didn't receive anything and weren't contacted about it either. Do you think some of the parcels were late, or were some people just not able to take part and join in in the end? On the upside, you got some lovely things, the little knitted pudding is my favourite - that's so cute! - Tasha

    1. The pudding is lovely isn't it :) I'm keeping it to make into a tree decoration next year.
      I don't know what happened with the others, I think some people simply didn't get in contact with their swap partners so no addresses were exchanged .

  4. What a wonderful idea, shame it will not be repeated. My, you did get some lovely and thoughtful gifts. xxx

  5. You did well! April chose well!

    It is such a shame about those who didn't do it the way they should have done! I had a swap partner for the Snail mail swap and she was supposed to send my parcel in June and only sent it in October, eventually!!!


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