Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I singed up to be a Fabletics VIP back in February when I needed some new running gear for outdoor exercise in the colder months (I ran in the snow!).

Now, I do not believe that you have to have sports gear to exercise. Nope, no way. As long as it's comfortable and you move in it and it keeps you cool / warm, depending on what activity you're doing, then anything goes.

But I joined Fabletics because my normal wardrobe offered nothing in the way of sportswear. I don't wear leggings (only footless tights), I don't wear joggers and t shirts are limited. So I joined, lured by the £22 introductory offer.

I was pleased with the items I received, above left, (although I chose a more expensive outfit, so paid more than the £22 advertised, but I did get it half price). None of it got much use though, I just couldn't get into my running groove.

The idea of Fabletics is that each month you can chose an outfit from £44, you can skip the month, as many times as you like, as long as you do so by the 5th of the month.

I've skipped most months since February. I missed the deadline one month and so I ordered leggings and a top, above right, that both went unworn until recently.

I decided to cancel my subscription as I wasn't really make the most of it. The only way you can do this is by telephone. This really irritates me, I can subscribe online, why the hell can't I cancel online?!

I was about to find out exactly why.

I telephoned them. I told the guy I wanted to cancel my subscription. He wasn't having any of it. He was persistent, polite but very persistent, I couldn't be bothered to argue. I agreed to stay, thinking that I'd call back another day when I was feeling feisty.

Anyway, by staying they upped my points but 500, you get points for each purchase you make and each review you leave. When you get to 1,000 points you can chose a free outfit (to a certain value). I'm well aware that this isn't a free outfit, it's all built into the price but as I'm edging ever closer to 1,000 points I am looking forward to getting my 'free' outfit, I'm such a sucker.

Recently I've started going to an exercise class on a Monday night and a Pilates class on a Friday evening. So my workout gear has been getting some use at last. I'm even contemplating going out running again.

The items are all really good quality, the styling is nice. I have no complaints about that. The outfits available fall into different price brackets, the cheapest being £44. For this you normally get two items. And these are bog standard items, no pretty patterned leggings or cute tops. Just plain t shirts and leggings. The prices go up from here - £52, £62 and above, for which you get three, sometimes four items, but it's in these price brackets that you'll find the nicer items.

You can order items separately to make up your own outfits if you don't like the outfits they've put together, as long as your order totals more than £44, if it's less you're charged £44 anyway and difference is credited to your account.

Would I recommend joining Fabletics? If you like good quality, nicely designed gym gear that you don't mind paying a lot for, then yes. Just don't expect it to be easy to leave when you want to. I obviously didn't ever get up the energy to call back and try to cancel my subscription after my first (failed) attempt.

Would I've gone back to Fabletics for more sportswear if I'd successfully cancelled my VIP membership? Probably not, I'd have most likely gone elsewhere. And this is exactly what these subscriptions depend on.

I'm thinking that I'll get a few more things, I need some more tops for Pilates as I prefer loose fitting tops for this and maybe some yoga trousers, and then I'll tackle the persistent telephonist once again.

Wish me luck!

Where do you shop for your sportswear?

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  1. My sports wear is predominantly oversized band t-shirts bought from gigs I've been to. I don't really wear t-shirts any other time. Then, I have joggers which are invariably from Primark or Tesco. I tried a pair of running leggings from Tesco but didn't keep them as I'm not brave enough about my shape to wear skintight stuff.

    1. As long as you're comfortable it really doesn't matter what you wear

  2. Me too, t shirts and Primani gym leggings for me. Was thinking of ordering from fabletics after seeing their (misleading) advert on telly.
    Sounds like you pay for Kate Hudson's name.
    Will be giving it a miss after reading your review.

    1. It is a little misleading, the clothes are good quality but you can get good stuff cheaper elsewhere

  3. I feel a bit scared by the prospect of not being able to get out of it! I was in the Glitterati with Crown and Glory and I was in it for 6 months so I ended up spending £120 on hair accessories- ahrgh!H!H!H!HH!!!! I kept meaning to cancel but forgot- I only meant to join for 2months!!x

    1. If I'd persevered I would've been able to cancel I'm certain of it, I just didn't have the energy to argue. The clothes are good quality and it's easy to skip a month but I will be cancelling soon!
      I always find with subscriptions that you end up spending more than you mean too because they make it hard to cancel.


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