Day 40

Thursday, October 08, 2015

So this is the final day of my 40 days of blogging. I hoped you've enjoyed it? I'm chuffed that I've completed it, I'm feeling like the cats whisker's (and that's where the relevance of the image ends - any excuse for a cat pic).

Will I continue posting daily? Take a break?  I haven't decided yet. What I do know is that I still have loads of posts in drafts.

By blogging everyday for 40 days my intention was to publish everything in my drafts folder, but ideas keep coming, new drafts kept appearing. Some of the posts I had intended to publish, are still languishing at the bottom of the list, partially finished.

I like my posts to build on a subject, if I mention something I like to follow it up, I refer and link back to old relevant posts, I document progress. I (think) that I cover lots of subjects, that weave in and out of one another.

This is definitely a more recent thing, my early posts were random, about pretty things and fashion trends, but I've been making a conscious effort to evaluate life - the things I do, the things I want to do, the items I buy. To be more aware of the decisions I make, to examine my motives and ask why?

My seasonal lists are about making things a priority - finding time to do things for fun, just because. Because if I don't make the time and the conscious effort to do these things time gets swallowed by the everyday. I saw a quote online about 'it's not a matter of having time, it's a matter of priorities'. If you make something a priority, you'll find the time to do it. Completing 40 days of blogging is proof of this.

My Year 40 List is about changing my life for the better, building and working towards the life I want to lead. My first follow up post on this was an eye opener for me and gave me a greater understanding of my life and where I want to be.

My empties posts are about working my way through my product stash and examining the products I like and don't like, instead of using up something and discarding it without thought. If I buy a new product and I don't like it, it gets discarded rather than put back in the drawer. I'm slowly building my beauty cabinet - a place for the products that I love and that work for me.

My monthly (although I've recently decided to make them bi-monthly) Favourite Three posts are about appreciating what I already own. Digging around in my wardrobe to find things that have been pushed to the back and forgotten. Although this might not be so easy since my discarding session. For the first time since we moved in all my clothes fit into my wardrobe with space to spare. I can't tell you how good that feels (more on this soon).

Of course there will be posts that cover a random subject, crisps for example. But all will be written with honesty and I'll enjoy writing them. I've never published a post I didn't enjoy putting together, if I don't enjoy it, it doesn't get published, it gets deleted.

After five years of blogging I still enjoy it. And that's the reason I continue.

(Day 40 of blogging everyday for 40 days)

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  1. Wow I am so impressed that you managed to blog for 40 days straight! I blog every other day and still find that to be such a large task!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. It does take time and planning but I had some posts already half done and in drafts so some days I didn't have much to do. I don't think I'll keep it up but will post more than I used too. It's renewed my enjoyment of blogging.

  2. I salute you!!!! You have done so well and I have absolutely loved reading all your posts this month! Please continue!x

    1. Thanks Kezzie, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't think I'll post everyday but will post more often than before.


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