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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Well duh!

This nugget of wisdom has changed the way I think about running. You'd think I would've worked this out for myself before now, but nope - it took this pin for the penny to drop.

One thing I knew I wanted was a long sleeve top with thumb holes. I can't stand having cold hands at the best of times and it seems to make running unbearable. I also needed an extra pair of running tights (why don't they just call them leggings?), running in the wet and mud teamed with trying to run more regularly means I needed back up.

I'd seen Fabletics advertised on Facebook (every so often one sneaky little ad gets into my subconscious and does it's thing) so I checked out their website and less than ten minutes later had signed up and ordered an outfit consisting of leggings, top and beanie. With an introductory half price offer I got the lot for £36.00 which I thought was very reasonable.

For my first run in this little lot it was cold, there was snow on the ground, so they were really put through their paces. The leggings are nice and thick and have a deep waistband which I find really comfy. The top is larger than expected but has my prerequisite thumb holes and is long enough for some good bum coverage. As it's quite thin I can wear a fleece over the top that I bought eons ago - it's lightweight but super warm.

The hat is larger than expected but kept my head toasty without getting hot. Being able to pull it down over my ears stopped my ear buds from falling out, which they have been known to do more than once - extra bonus.

Overall I like everything and am pleased with the quality.

From this point on I can get an outfit every month from £44.00, if I want to skip an month I just log on between the 1st - 5th of the month to skip it. I've popped a note in my diary to remind me in case I don't want anything, it also means I have time to review my purchases and earn points for each one. 1,000 points gets you a free outfit - I know they cover the cost of it in the other outfits I'll buy but it'll seem free when the time comes and that's exciting.

It's easy to skip a month, I've already skipped February as I've only just received my first outfit but I've looked at the other outfits and they look pretty good.

In my last post about running Elise commented that she gets 'suddenly psyched up for the gym' when she gets new kit and I think there is something to that. Not only do I love wearing new purchases but I'm dreading my run less now that I have some more suitable clothing. Am I running faster? No. Is it any easier? Nope. But I'm more comfortable and that goes a long way to making it more enjoyable.

Where do you get your workout gear?

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  1. Very true re the quote!!!!
    I like your gear, hurrah for that. I don't know how you dare run in the snow though- I am terrified of breaking a limb again after my accident well over 4 years ago now!!x

    1. Oh no! What did you do? I was pretty safe, the snow was not deep and no ice had yet formed...

  2. That hat looks lovely and warm - if it's a bit big it keeps more of you warm. :)

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. That's a good way to look at it, I like it :)

  3. Yes I try and remind myself of this when it is cold and I just want to stay inside.


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