Wedding Wednesday #3 - The Photographer

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A quick post for you today to introduce my wedding photographer Katie Drouet. I'm very lucky to have so many talented friends and Katie is no exception. Naturally, she was the first person I thought of for our wedding photos and I was so chuffed to find that she was available - a happy result of getting married in early April.

I think she'll have her work cut out for her - a large number of the guests at the ceremony are terribly camera shy, the groom included. We're meeting up soon so I can brief her on my ideas (and generally have a good catch up and gossip) and to fill her in on the difficulties she might face, my Dad can spot a camera from 50 paces and slide from view in a nano second! But I'm more than confident that she'll do a marvelous job, she has the ability to capture those little moments that make the day special, her candid shots are amazing. I just love, love, love them.

I'm feeling terribly blessed at the moment. Everyone seems so excited. I had no idea that planning a wedding would mean so much to so many people and offer up so many opportunities to get together and build stronger bonds with one and other. I'm going to treasure these moments. I keep thinking that if the build up is this good, I'm going to be utterly blown away by the wedding itself.

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  1. Yay for a great photographer! I am so glad you are enjoying this wedding milarkey- it's quite fun when it's not stressful isn't it!?
    Oh, and if you do need any help with any crafty prep let me know, you're only a train away- I can get to Shenfield from my house in one stop to catch the fast train!!x

    1. I'm tempting fate here but so far it's been stress free.
      Thanks for the offer of help, I'll certajnly keep that in mind, no doubt there will be few 'all hands to the pump' days!

  2. My groom and I kinda got face cramp after smiling so much at our wedding. Nobody warns you just how happy you feel.
    How about an engagement mini shoot to get your man a little used to the camera? Xx
    So thrilled for you and your plans x

    1. I did suggest an engagement shoot but it went down like a lead balloon. I'm sure he'll be fine on the day *crosses fingers*. If he's not there will just be a million photos of me and my photogenic Mum!


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