So that was November...

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I didn't posted much at all last month, what with one thing and another I just didn't find the time. November was a busy one. I'm still forging ahead with my 4-4-4 Challenge. Although daily photos have fallen by the wayside, I'm enjoying it. I'll update you on that in another post.

I've been decorating and it's been hard work! The side hallway is the only area we I hadn't decorated yet and I'd been putting it off, although it's a small area, I knew it would take ages to do. The amount of cleaning, sanding, filling, sanding, filling and prep I've had to do it unreal.

Many years of neglect and bad decorating had to be rectified. I'm happy to say the ceilings are painted, colour (green) is on the walls, the new lights are up and the new flooring chosen but I still have to rub down the woodwork and paint it. I hate gloss painting and I've run out of steam. Total DIY fatigue. I'm giving myself a few days off before going at it again, I don't want to rush it and ruin it at this late stage...

It's all starting to feel very Christmassy. Andy had a rare afternoon off recently, so we hopped on a train to London to see the poppies. I know the interwebs has been awash with images such as these but I can't help but share mine too. And it's my blog, so I can.

Poppies 10/11/2014

We also ventured over the border to Norwich to see Ward Thomas and The Shires at The Waterfront. Both bands were good but Ward Thomas really stood out - my favourite by far. It's given me a hankering to visit Nashville. It's a destination that I might actually have a good chance of talking Andy into, he tends to break into a sweat if he even thinks about leaving the county (and yes, I do mean county, not country. Farmers aren't known for being great travelers).

Photo from here by Al Pulford Photography (sadly I was too far back - and too short - to take any good pics)

Feeling uncharacteristically sociable, we also went to see Noel Fielding at our local theatre in the same week. Whilst walking to the venue, we overheard two young girls in front of us talking. One said 'I think this might be a little bit weird', the other replied "yeah, I think it could be'. We got a fit of giggles, I'm not sure they really had a grasp on who they were about to see. Weird doesn't even really begin to cover it.

I think we've used up our social life quota for now, going out 3 times in one month is unheard of. I feel some hibernation coming on.

I'm loving Autumn. The sloe gin is well underway. I've been baking - mostly apple crumble - and enjoying nights in by the fire under a blanket (that's more like it). My patchwork quilt has taken a back seat, I'm sure I'll get back into it soon, I can hear it calling. I bought some cute fabric at a craft fayre recently (did I mention I'd been to the NEC Birmingham for that? No? oh it's good, great if you like crafts of any kind), so I'm keen to get it cut out and sewn in. I'll be able to point at it and say 'that's from our road trip to the NEC'.

I have an 'Andy one' on the quilt as well. When Andy ruined one of his work shirts (which happens to them all eventually) I nicked it before he could throw it out. I washed it, cut it up and had it sewn in place before he got home from work. I think he's secretly quite pleased to be part of it.

Oh, I also made these festive Cornflake Wreaths (as mentioned in my previous post). I say 'made', I mean I tried to make them. It was a massive fail. Despite following the recipe and instructions to the letter, they didn't turn the gorgeous festive green the picture depicted, nor did they bond together.

What I ended up with was a sticky mess of slightly greenish coloured cornflakes, that tasted more like food colouring than anything else, on account of using a whole bottle to try to get them to even remotely resemble green. Oh well.

Wow, that ended up being a bit of a ramble. What have you been up to?


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  1. I would have loved to have seen the poppies, I bet is was quite spectacular x

  2. eeep it worked!
    You have been busy, heading out and about all over the show I'm very impressed.
    It made me smile about 'leaving the county' hehe x

  3. I wish I could've got that close to the poppies! Lauren and I (American blog friend) could only get as close as Tower Bridge!
    The show sounds good!
    Andy makes me smile with that comment! Ive only met one other farmer properly and he was so cool!x


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