A Christmas wreath, an Aladdin's cave, a mantlepiece and Secret Santa...

Monday, December 15, 2014

I made my own Christmas wreath this year and it hadn't occurred to me to share it with you all until I saw Janet's (and I call myself a blogger, tsk!). Check out her post for a step-by-step guide. It's super easy and a fraction of the cost of store bought.

I used holly and a florists oasis - whereas Janet used and combination of greenery and a wire moss ring - which actually seems a lot nicer. I also used a piece of ribbon I had kicking around (never throw ribbon away), some found pine cones and some berry decorations bought on a trip to a local shop.

Which brings me neatly to the subject of the shop. Now, this shop is no ordinary shop (and I'm not talking about M&S here), it's a fabulous Aladdin's cave of gorgeousness that I was introduced to recently by a friend.

Nestled in Middlewood Green in Suffolk is W&M Smith Florist Supplies. The website does not do it justice, it's packed to the rafters with all sorts of floristry and craft supplies and has the nicest range of Christmas decorations I've ever seen. The outside is very deceptive, it's hard to tell if it's open, or if you're even allowed to go in. Once inside the tiny entrance you go through to a huge main area, chock full of high shelves, this has lots of little rooms leading off it, also full of heaving shelves. I loved it. Children aren't allowed in and once inside this makes perfect sense, not to mention making it a bit of a playground for the fully grown. My friend and I wandered at leisure, marveling at it all and filling our baskets with all sorts of goodies.

I was rather more restrained than I thought I would be, but now I know where it is there is nothing - nothing - to stop me going back. In addition to the decorations for my wreath I purchased a heart wreath for our new mantlepiece - one that I can bring out year after year. Some cake glitter and ribbon for the Christmas cake that I am, ahem, still yet to make. And some little fabric hearts for making Christmas cards next year.

We had a mantlepiece fitted back in September when we changed the fireplace from an open fire to a woodburner, and since then the thing I've been most excited about is being able to decorate the mantlepiece for Christmas! Priorities, right? The heart wreath looks fab sat there with all sorts of other bits and pieces I've been collecting, waiting for the day I'd have somewhere to display them.

I signed up to Char's Secret Santa

To add to my Christmas excitement I recently received my not-so-Secret-Santa gift, I'd completely forgotten about it, so it was a lovely surprise when it arrived. I received two Yankee candles in Frosted Spruce and Holiday Magic. Both of which I love. In my local Wyevale recently I made myself dizzy, and gave myself a sneezing fit, by sniffing them all so much.

I was also sent the cutest button and daisy necklace (two of my very favourite things) and a patchwork pattern case, that I can use for either my glasses or my phone, and some chocolate that didn't last very long at all! Poor Snowman had his head bitten off before he could even get his bearings.

It was lucky that my gifts arrived in good time as, although I'd ordered (and made) my Secret Santa gifts early, I'd put them to one side and then promptly forgot all about them. So I had a mad dash to the post office. Oops.

I sent one 'main' gift and some goodies and a few little bits and pieces.

A few of my button tree decorations and I thought the Satsuma Shimmer lip balm was fabulously festive!

Now, I'm just waiting for the Christmas tree, a hangover (Andy's) meant that our original plans were scuppered, so I'm patiently waiting...

How is your Christmas shaping up?


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  1. Bravo on the wreath!!! Look great as does your bonny mantlepiece!! The shop sounds Amazing and even better with no kids!! Your secret Santa looks good, love your decorations! I sent mine off well over a week ago but must check if she's posted about it yet. My partner was reaaaaaally hard to buy for! She's an author and gave very little away about her tastes over the whole of her blog history!!! Haven't received mine yet!x

    1. Thank you. I was pleased with how it turned out.
      I hope your Secret Santa arrives soon, I'm sure your recipient will enjoy whatever you sent her.

  2. Your wreath looks great and that store sounds amazing, I could spend hours looking at things in their. I received my secret Santa and I am being such a good girl and I'm saving it for Christmas Day.

    1. I'd forgotten so opened my secret Santa without realising what it was but to be honest I probably would've opened it anyway!
      That shop is my new favourite place on earth, I'm almost scared to go back as I know I'll spend a small fortune.

  3. I love natural looking wreaths - the pine cones are a lovely touch.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. I found a load more so I've squirrelled them away for next year :)
      I love some of the floral ones I've seen about this year, they're so beautiful!

  4. What a lovely wreath! I am so behind with Christmas. I have sewing which I've still not finished. Being poorly over the weekend means I'm even further behind after Vegas.

    1. Thanks. Hope you're feeling better now? Can't wait to hear all about Vegas :)

  5. The shop sounds incredible! I love your wreath - although from the amount of pain my small amount of holly branches inflicted, I can't imagine trying to make one entirely of holly, ouch!


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