I blogged a few days in May for #BEDM

Monday, June 02, 2014

OK, so my attempt at blogging everyday in May didn't go very well. I had no illusions that I'd manage a post-a-day but I did think I'd do a little better than nine.

Nine, pfft!

Still, it's more than I managed in March and April combined so I'm going chalk it up as a success anyway! I wanted to get back in the habit (not in a Whoopi Goldberg kinda way), and I think it's done just that.

So, thank you to Elizabeth for organising #BEDM. Perhaps if I take part again, I'll be more organised and plan more posts in advance, rather than looking at a topic in the morning and thinking "how the heck and I going to do that today?'

Life has shown me time and time again that if I don't plan, I just potter around for days / weeks / months and then I look back and can't remember doing anything in particular, I feel as if I've achieved nothing. For example, a resolution for 2014 was to do something cultural once a month, but I'm failing miserably. If I don't plan anything and the month whizzes by and it's over before I know it.

Somebody asked me recently where I saw myself in five years time but honestly I couldn't tell you what I'm doing next week.

Are you a planner or do you just make it up as you go along, like me?


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  1. Replies
    1. Nice to know I'm not alone! I would love to be more organised though, just a smidgen would be enough it make a difference.

  2. BEDM should work well for me because it's all about the planning. Plan plan plan, schedule all the posts. For some reason this month it didn't all go to plan but I blogged more in May than I did Jan-Apr combined so I'm counting that up as a win!

    I'm like you though, I want to keep it as a diary so that I remember the stuff I'm doing and that's what BEDM has made me think about - I need to sort my s*** out and sit down and plan some posts!


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