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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sunday was an awesome day. I'll start by saying that. Sunday was the day of the world record attempt for the largest gathering of fairies in one place. We didn't break the record, we missed it by about 50 fairies, but over 800 fairies donned their tutus to march from our beautiful Christchurch Park to the Town Hall led by a loud and energetic Samba band, Samboomba. And we all had a blast!

My day started very early - 5am! My plan had been to get up at 6 but I was too excited and feeling more than a little nervous. I had the intention of doing a photo and hour type post of the day but I got carried away a forgot! It just goes to show what a great time I had.

The first port of call was Radio Suffolk with some of my fellow event organisers. I didn't do very well. When the DJ, Rob Dunger, asked me why people should come along to the event and the first words out of my mouth were "Oh, I don't know really...' Brilliant Hazel, just brilliant! (listen here at 1:54:00).

Then it was time to set up stalls, put up banners and blow up balloons outside the Town Hall (all in my wings and new IC heels!). Once we'd set up in the town centre I hot footed it over to the park, a little apprehensive that no one would be there. This is the sight that greeted me. Literally hundreds of fairies. The relief!

Photo by Gavin King

The march was excellent fun and was quite a sight to behold, it was colourful and loud - a real spectacle.

Photo by Gavin King 

This is me taking a short movie (and concentrating very hard by the look on my face!) I'll try to upload it but I don't hold out much hope!

We were entertained as the fairies filed into the counting area, one by one. We had a roaming magician, stilt walkers, bubbles (lots of bubbles), a balloon modeller, face painters, a glitter tattooist and food stalls. And of course there was music and dancing. And lots and lots of wand waving.

At first I was really disappointed that we hadn't broken the world record but having seen so many people have such a great time, it didn't seem to matter after a while. It was a success even if it wasn't a new world record. Interestingly a group in Cornwall made an attempt on the same day - and missed it by 100 fairies - which just goes to show that it's not an easy task.

People are already talking about doing it again next year, but I think we're done. Twice is enough. Someone else can organise it next year and I'll be hanging onto my tutu just in case...


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  1. What a shame you missed it by such a small number :(


    1. It was a shame but it was a great day :)

  2. You organised this? How crazy!! Well done you. If you need an extra fairy next year I would love to join in.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

    1. I helped to organise this and I think I got the easy bit! The rules for Guinness World Records are thorough and exhausting and thankfully I didn't have to deal with that!

  3. what a shame you missed it :( looks like a fab day though x

    1. It was awesome, awesome, awesome!

  4. Well done on your achievement hun, you did a great job. Never mind you missed the record focus on the positives. It looks like a fantastic day.

    X x

  5. Well let me know if you do it again, it's easy for me to.get to Ipswich, I'll come and be a fairy!!! X

  6. Oh, I'm sad that you didn't make it but it looks like a great day was had by all anyway and I guess that;s the main thing.


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