Lazy girl's guide to Christmas Cake

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Have you made your Christmas Cake yet? When I sat in the company of my Mum's boyfriend last week and said 'I really should make my Christmas cake soon', he looked thoroughly shocked. 'Haven't you made it yet?' Erm... nope.

You see, although I know Christmas is coming each and every year I don't do anything remotely Christmas food related until, well, around about now. Which is why I didn't make my Christmas cake until yesterday. I was given the best recipe a few years ago and it can be made close to Christmas without any issue.

It's called a Hot Toddy Fruitcake and each and every year I'm told what a lovely cake it is. I love it for how easy it is - no feeding required if you can't be arsed don't want to. Simply bake, cool, decorate and eat with a massive cup of hot tea. Repeat the last step until no cake remains.

So, if you haven't made yours yet this is the recipe for you.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I salute you! I am sure my dear husband would like me to make one! But I hate dried fruit so I am stoic at avoiding the making of festive femented fruit!!!x

    1. Well, this recipe is very easy should you ever decide to make one.

  2. Sounds good I shall have to take a look! x

  3. Oh yum this looks so good! I have always loved fruitcake ever since I was little, which appears to be quite unusual as so many people seem to hate dried fruit. Crazy!

  4. Hey Hazel! Just wanted to wish you a happy new year!!! x


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