A Winter Wardrobe

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Having recently added some great pre-loved knitwear to my wardrobe and I think I'm just about ready to declare I have everything I need to see me through the cold months ahead. In total I spent £48 on nine charity shop items, which is an absolute bargain for a new season.

I was a little unsure about this cape when I got it home because the arm slits just looked like huge tatty holes, so with a little wool and even less knitting know-how tried to fashion some contrasting pocket edges.

I failed and so I did what every self respecting woman does when she doesn't know what to do... I called on the talents of my Mum - the knitting aficionado. True to form she did a fabulous job and has transformed this cape from 'ho-hum' to 'holy crap that's fabulous!' or at least I think so anyway...

Cape, £2.50 from Barnardo's  |  Top, charity shop  |  Jeans, Gap  |  Boots, New Look  |  Pockets by Mother

Not only do they improve the look of my cape they are also act as rather nifty draft excluders, making this all the more cosy. Winner!

You'll notice that I'm not wearing a hat today, thankfully I was able to lift my left arm up enough to wash my hair over the sink (this will only make sense if you read yesterday's post). It's a little tricky to do one handed (especially with your less dominant hand) but I managed. When it came to drying it one handed, I hung my head upside down and blasted the roots, then I brushed it though and left it to air dry. It doesn't look too bad considering.

What do you think to my cape make over?


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  1. what a fab and oddly versatile piece! x

  2. Flipping awesome, well done your Mum.

  3. That's so cool!!! I love the pink touches- Clever Mum!x

  4. I love that cape! The pink contrast looks so amazing.

  5. I have always been unsure of a cape on me but I have to say that is perfect for you it looks fab x

  6. I have been stocking up on charity shop woollies as well this year. I love the contrasting arm holes on your cape, they really make it look amazing.


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