Sunday, November 03, 2013

I used to spend my morning walk to work crossing roads just to be on bright side of the street. I'm drawn to light. Like a moth. I thrive in the months when the days are long and I can wake up with the morning sun. Grey, cloudy, drizzly days leave me feeling melancholy.

I've got a hammock and a wooden swing chair in my garden so that I can sit and swing in comfort and soak up the light. For colder days I have a chair in my greenhouse so I can still be in daylight without getting too cold. I need some time outside everyday. There are few things in life that can pass as a cure-all - light, a deep bath, a warm bed, a soft cat's belly to rub and hot cup of tea are really all that's required to put right all the wrongs.

I'm always popping outside to breathe in the air, blow the cobwebs away and take a moment. Even if I just stand perfectly still, eyes closed, face to the sky.

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  1. Hey! What beautiful writing about light! I can understand this. I get cabin fever if I am inside too long! I am afraid I haven't been quite so eloquent on this subject!x

    1. I always think I should have had a more outdoorsy job instead of being desk bound, but now that I work for myself I tend to sneak outside a lot :)

  2. Outside is definitely the best place place to be!
    I'd love a hammock in my garden.

    1. I would definitely recommend it, you can't beat it for a snooze alfresco!

  3. I agree it feels so much better to get outside, even if you don't feel like it to start with!


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