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Monday, November 25, 2013

The #BEDN topic is all about Christmas today. From the age of 17 I used to dread Christmas but since 2009 I've learned to love it again - you can read why here. My favourite aspect of Christmas is the time I get to spend with Andy. He works ridiculous hours, 7 days a week and Christmas Day is the only day that I know for absolute certain he won't be working, Boxing Day I'm only 99% sure.

But he is about more in the run up to Christmas, working shorter hours than normal and this is when he makes scotch eggs, sausage rolls and cheese straws and is in charge of ordering and collecting the ham and beef from the local butcher. He also buys the shortbread biscuits that we eat with our first cup of tea on Christmas morning. His Grandma always had shortbread at Christmas.

So far, we've always woken up on Christmas morning at home, we've eaten breakfast together - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs - and then exchanged gifts, before setting about the day. I was adamant that we didn't fall in to the trap of doing the same thing every year. My parents are divorced, and while they are friendly, we don't tend to see them at the same time over Christmas. So I wanted to keep where we go, who we see and when, as flexible as possible.

We do have traditions though, we buy a new tree decoration every year. We already have the 2013 decoration - a globe bauble purchased in the V&A during a recent trip to London. It'll go nicely with the London bus, Grandma's memory bauble and Christmas Pig.

We'll be going out to get our tree soon. Since moving we have a real tree and it's normally huge! We have lots of different decorations and I arrange them on the tree after Andy has untangled the lights. We'll have the fire lit and this is when my Christmas excitement really kicks in. If I can be drinking mulled wine whilst doing this - all the better. I might even check the listings to see if I can find a cheesy classic Christmas film to watch at the same time this year.

Thanks to this #BEDN post, I'm going to find a local carol service to go to and see if I can find a Caring Christmas Tree or similar in this area. 

What I look forward to most of all is having time to properly catch up with family and friends and have some fun. Everyone is in good spirits at Christmas!

What are your favourite traditions?

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  1. I read your original Christmas post too (I had no idea of your history with Christmas). So glad that Andy has brought back your enthusiasm for this time of year, it can be rather a long winter without Christmas to look forward to (and recover from) x

    1. It's so nice to be able to look forward to it now x

  2. A really lovely post, read your other one and it brought a tear to my eye...so nice that you can look forward to it again x

    1. Aww it wasn't written to make anyone teary, I'm sorry. It is lovely to looked forward to it and enjoy now. I'd love a hectic family Christmas with people everywhere and each year, with new additions to the family, it seems to be getting ever closer to my idea of the perfect Christmas. If I can make this transition, there is hope of all scrooges out there :)

  3. So pleased that you look forward to Christmas these days. It's the perfect time of year to catch up with loved ones; and is a great excuse to indulge just a little in some of our favourite things. I hope you have a fantastic one.

  4. Last year we bought our first artificial tree and I was quite pleased with it after having had a real tree since I was a child x

    1. Some of the real ones you can get are amazingly realistic these days. I haven't never had a real tree before so it's a real treat for me!


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