Day 34. And so to my next challenge

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 34 and I'm free! The past 33 days have gone by so quickly, I can hardly believe that the challenge is over. It was relatively easy to stick to, most mornings I had only one real option - the one that I hadn't worn the day before and the one that wasn't in need of washing or ironing. I have done rather more ironing than I'm used to, the denim and blue dresses both require a good press to make them look their best. The green one is a godsend - just hang it up and I'm good to go (no wonder I like it so much!).

The blue one has started to show some signs of wear, which is a real shame as this challenge cemented this as one of my absolute favourites. When the time comes I've decided to take it apart, brush up my sewing skills and use it as a pattern to make another one (or four). It's such a lovely shape and so easy to wear, and I should give special mention to the huge pockets - I do like a good pocket. AND it fastens down the back with big buttons, ticking yet another box!

The denim dress is one I tired of quickly. I like to wear it with little else, as a casual day dress but at this time of year I needed either a t-shirt underneath, which felt bulky, or a cardigan over the top, which often didn't sit nicely with the neckline. So, I'll be popping this one back in the wardrobe for summer. In fact I can't wait to get all of these out in the summer and wear them in their simplest form - with nice sandals and some sunglasses. I think that's the reason I always look at dresses and think 'that'll be nice in the summer with some cute shoes' is because I prefer them unencumbered by layers of clothing. This also explains why I have so many summer dresses!

Here are all 33 outfits. Somehow I managed to wear all three 11 times - quite by accident rather than design.

These three dresses saw me though many days working from home, an afternoon looking after my nephews, a wedding reception, two meetings, a mammoth stomp around Bury St Edmunds, an evening at a friends house and an evening entertaining at home.

Before I was even half way through my 3 for 33 challenge, I'd already figured out my next challenge - something similar but with more dresses and freedom. However, before I set about that I want to wear the clothes I bought on a recent shopping trip.

I came home with 12 items, sent three back to the charity shop and now the remaining nine need wearing! My favourite kind of blog posts are ones that show an item worn in different ways. I dislike the term 'recycling' that the media have dubbed what is actually just wearing a piece of clothing more than once, but I love to find inspiration on how to style things differently.

I have to admit it was very easy for me to settle for cop-out outfits during this challenge. Working from home, alone, meant that I could live with a crappy outfit, knowing that no one was going to see it. Apart from Mr WoJ, of course, but he hardly notices what I wear most of the time anyway. He has become so accustomed to coming home and finding me with my PJ bottoms on under my dress "because I got chilly" that he hardly bats an eyelid now.

So, over the next few weeks I'm going to wear my new charity purchases in as many different (and lovely) ways as I can - no PJs bottoms allowed (unless it's really, really cold). What am I wearing today? After 33 days of dresses I'm in jeans, just for today.

Do you, like me with my dresses, find that you buy any particular item for just one season?

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  1. Well done on completing your challenge. Looking forward to the next one. x x

    1. Thanks! The next one isn't so restrictive but I'm looking forward to it x

  2. you did so well Hazel, well done! You do the greatest wardrobe challenges. Intrigued about what you have in mind next :) x

    1. But first I want to get my latest charity buys on my back, been itching to wear them!

  3. Well done you!!! You have achieved lots of different looks!x

  4. Well done! Quite a challenge I bet. I reckon I could do it at work, but weekends would be harder. I think I like the green dress the best.

    1. It was actually okay but I did sometimes think jeans would have been a more sensible option for the days activities :)

  5. Love this Hazel! What a fantastic idea and you looked amazing!

    My favourite look was the green dress with the pink cardigan and beads. Gorgeous!


  6. You are brilliant. It's all about the layers and the accessorizing - something I'm particularly rubbish at. I wore a necklace the other day and gave myself a high five.

  7. This is an amazing challenge. Well done!

  8. this is fantastic, huge kuddos to you!! always love hearing how it inspires us to par down what's not absolutely needed and give to those in need. great remixes!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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