Charity Shop-athon

Monday, October 07, 2013

On Saturday I met up with Sophie in Bury St Edmunds for an afternoon of charity shopping and lunch, in that order. Although once we'd eaten and restored our energy levels, we shopped some more!

It was a good day for charity shopping, both Sophie and I came away with bags of stuff. Apparently I'm to blame for one of the tartan skirts Sophie bagged. I'm pretty sure she would've seen it and bought it anyway - happy to take responsibility though!

All the clothes, we bought all the clothes!

For me, the day was further proof that you can find some great pre-loved bits and pieces if you're prepared to rummage and put some effort in. I'm really pleased with almost everything I bought, but I did buy rather more than I expected to, so when I got home (after a restorative cup of tea and a bit of a nap) I tried everything on and evaluated my purchases. I chuckled at the shorts I'd picked up. Even the most discerning shopper can sometimes make a 'what was I thinking!' purchase and I am no exception. I know they're called shorts but, seriously, what WAS I thinking?

I should have bought these 20 years ago.

I also decided not to keep a dress, it was a bit young for me, in style and length, and a sheer top as I couldn't make it work with anything else I own. I'm also a little undecided about a cape (it's lovely but the arm holes aren't very well finished and look tatty) and another of the tops which is a bit see through, I need to work up some outfits and decide it if stays...

Back to the charity shop!

Keep or not?

I eyed my wardrobe and put my one in, one out rule into action. If I hadn't all these new things would've had to live in the plastic bags they arrived in, it was as simple as that. I tried to swap like for like and think I did pretty well. When I was finished it struck me as such as obvious thing to do - swapping something unloved and rarely worn for something new (to me) that I'm excited about wearing!

In on the left, out on the right.

The frustrating thing is that I won't get to wear most of this until my 3 for 33 challenge is over, but today I was determined to wear this cardigan. It doesn't really work with the dress and could be styled into much nicer outfits but for now, this is good enough.

 My new cardigan and the one that it's replacing (it's only been worn twice since I picked it up in a charity shop in February, once for my Johari Style Challenge)

I do keep thinking about the most amazing pair of Geox ankle boots I saw in TK Maxx (the only non charity shop we went in - hello David and Goliath PJ bottoms for £9.99) - anyway the boots - high wedges, pointy toes, suede, burgundy and gorgeous! Am I the only person who gets buyers remorse about things I didn't buy? Still, they weren't nearly as amazing as the boots Sophie tried...

Any great charity shop purchases recently?

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  1. Replies
    1. It's a great town, I'll definitely be visiting more often!

    2. Yeah it's definitely got better in the last few years.. I grew up there but live a few miles down the road now. What was the Barnardos store like in Bury? - I've not been in that one , yet!

    3. It was nice, definitely one of the most reasonably priced and although not very big, it had a great selection of items. Both Sophie and I found a few things in there - you should go! :)

  2. I can't believe you are so strict about you in/out rule! I would not have been able to part with that amount, especially that gorgeous raspberry waterfall cardigan. I've not yet really unpacked my bags yet (oops). Wasn't it jolly good fun :)

    1. I'm not normally so strict, but I just have no room left...
      I can't wait to start actually wearing everything.
      It was excellent fun!

  3. Oooh, I adore BIG charity shopping!!! I always do that in Felixstowe! I also boughtDavid and Goliath pj bottoms in t k maxx-with owls on!!! And totally get yournone buy regrets! X

    1. I love my PJs!
      I haven't shopped in Felixstowe since I moved but I'll definitely have to go back soon!


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