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Monday, February 13, 2012

Back in November Pearl alerted me to the fact that as of March 1st 2012 Google are cancelling Google Friend Connect on every platform other than blogger (you can read more on IFB here). Google are 'encouraging' us to move over to Google+, to create a page and place a Google+ badge on our blogs. 

But I don't want too.

I have numerous accounts and pages and emails that I have to maintain already. A Google+ page is just another thing to take care of and update (that said I do have a Google+ page, but it is seldom used because I already have too much going on).

Too. many. balls.

Whilst I am obviously a 'blogger blogger' not all of you are, which means I may very well lose you somewhere in all the commotion.

So, what to do? I am in the process of following all my favourite blogs via Bloglovin and I have added a link in the hope that you will follow me here. See --> 

 I'm interested to know how you will follow your favourite blogs without GFC?

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  1. I'm yet to really understand how I'll be affected but I daresay I'll turn to Bloglovin. I only just signed up for an account, best wait and see how well it works for me. GFC closing is just ridiculous!

    1. I don't really understand the need for it but I wanted somewhere to follow all my blogs in one place, as this is the exact purpose of Bloglovin it seemed the logical solution...

  2. I don't really know to cope with this, but surely by using Bloglovin it means that there is something else to maintain, no? I have never looked at Bloglovin and have no idea how it works!

    1. Ill be logging into Bloglovin instead of blogger to read and comment on blogs, so far I've found it easier as I can group blogs together ie. beauty blogs, or favourites etc. so it's replacing what I normally do rather than adding to it.

  3. I SO dislike Google + - I did link my Blogger to it and I really don't like it. I would say Bloglovin is a great alternative. I'm finding I like using it more and more.

  4. I subscribe to everyone in google reader, if that goes I'll SOB! Bloglovin makes my head hurt.

  5. I have all my blogs in a favourites folder. I dont use those services anyway unless attempting to enter a giveaway and even then it rarely works.


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