2012 Resolutions... month one in.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Master liquid eyeliner once and for all
I have tried. Applying the liner to the upper lid is a cinch but it's the flick that is testing my patience! The first time I tried my right eye looked awesome, then I had numerous attempts at trying to match it on the other side. The result was seven blackened cotton buds, a sore eye and a frayed temper... I'm going to watch more YouTube tutorials (I imagine there are hundreds that I haven't watched yet). I have discovered that 'practising' 10 minutes before your taxi arrives it not a good idea!

Finish the jumper I started knitting in March 2010
I've got my knit on a few times this month but I am going to have to unpick it all. I won't bore you with it but I am more determined than ever to get this thing finished!

Fix the 'mend pile'
I have mended a belt loop and sewn on some missing buttons, so it's a start albeit a small one.

Write at least one line in my diary everyday
This is going well. I have made a promise to myself to note down the silly things, the little things that made me smile or raised a laugh during my day, who wants to remember the negative?

Use the spa vouchers OH gave me for our second anniversary
I have used one voucher and have another appointment booked. A hot stone massage is hardly a chore now is it? This is a resolution that I could happily make a habit of.

Negotiate with work to be based at home
I don't think that this will be possible… but I haven't given up on this just yet. I have a few things that need to be put into place before tackling this one.

How are your resolutions going?

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  1. It took about three years for me to get the hang of liquid liner, I think finding the right liner for you is key x

    1. I have a few to try, so I won't give up just yet!

  2. My diary resolution has totally gone to pot!

    When doing the eyeliner, look face on in the mirror, with your eyes open, and put a little dot of liner where you want the flick to end. Then do the lashline and work towards your little mark! I hope that makes sense!

    1. It does. I'll give this a try and let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed :-)
      Thanks x

  3. I'm sure with a bit of time and practice you'll be a master of liquid eyeliner, don't fret. My resolutions are 50/50. I must get back on track.

  4. At least your making a good start with them all. My youngest has been mastering the liquid eye liner and it looks fab. Keep at it cause you'll get it.

    X x

  5. I could never master liquid eye liner! Keep meaning to start my resolutions although I have had a great closet clear out!!


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