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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I had a jolly good moan. I did, don't you remember? More than once.

Well, in the interests of fairness I thought that I should share with you what happened when I ordered from the H&M website for the second time.

I placed my order on a Monday and it arrived the following Saturday. No fuss, no bother. A huge improvement and hopefully the sign of things to come rather than the exception to the rule.

Here is my (rather monochrome) haul...

Images from www.hm.com/gb/

Outfit posts to follow... hopefully with a little more colour!


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  1. Hey! I saw those cute tees with the zipper and almost bought one. I really wish I had--they are so cute! love the tights that you picked out too. xx

  2. Glad they came when you expected.

    X x

  3. Oh I am glad to read this! I placed my first order with H&M a couple of days ago - even though all I've heard is bad things! I decided I couldn't judge them until I'd tried myself.. I really hope my experience is closer to this one, than all the others I've heard about!


  4. @heartshapedbruise. Fingers crossed! Let me know how you get on :O)

  5. I love the slip, the lace looks gorgeous! And I'll have to invest in some of those tights before it gets too cold :)

  6. Yeah I ordered from them last Sunday and it came today...I was rather shocked to say the least as they have not got a good reputation.

    Looking forward to the outfit posts xx

  7. Amazing haul! I want that grey dress x

  8. good that they've come up to standard!
    A bit monochrome? lol. Quite! Love the look of those tights x

  9. @Sophie - Country girl Maybe they have raised their game? I found from my last post about them that the general feeling was that they didn't meet expectations. I'll no doubt be ordering something again soon so we'll see...

  10. @daisychain It is ridiculously comfortable and easy to wear... I won't have any problem getting lots of wear out of it x


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