Friday, September 23, 2011

Last night I took some time to try and get Wearing It All back on track and discovered that I am actually only a few outfits away from completion. Time to get it done.

No. 39
I wore this shirt last week with wide leg jeans and gorgeous platform boots from Stylist Pick and a fav pendant from Cherry and Joy. I like it. It stays.

No. 40 - Sequin Wednesday
After some umming and ahhing I decided that I liked this t-shirt only to discover three irreparable  hole sin the back *rolls eyes and adds to the 'no' pile*. The cardigan is going too, it leaves fluff on everything and drives me crackers. Shame.

No. 41 - Yesterday (left)
You've seen everything here but the jumper which is relatively new, however it has shrunk a little so its days maybe numbered...

No. 42 - Today (right)
This dress is more of a beach cover up really. I'm not sure I'm feeling this look but hey...

I had two parcels delivered. One from Very.co.uk, the other from Zara - hey, I never said that I wouldn't be shopping during my challenge!

I left a built-in wardrobe with three huge mirrored doors at my old house (as you can see, I don't even have doors!) so I have no full length mirror. Recently my camera has become into my looking glass (seriously) so I can share my purchases. What do you think?

Jeans and skirt and bag (not pictured) from Zara, boots Very. The jeans are long - really long - so I'll have to wear platform heels with them... I'm sure I can manage that. I may need to add a pair or two to my collection... I'm sure I can manage that too! The skirt would look much better with a fitted top so expect a post soon!

Remaining in the WIA challenge...
3 tops, 1 cardigan, 1 sweater, 4 dresses. Watch this space.


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  1. I love your super long jeans! The boots in outfit 39 are simply perfect. The kind I would wrestle off your feet in the street, lol.
    You're so close to the end now, you can do it!

  2. Some great outfits here. Well done on nearly completing the challenge. You have been very good.

    Shame about your sequin tshirt, couldn't it be used to make some thing with?

    Fab new buys, those jeans are supper hot.

    X x

  3. Love all the outfits. The white top in the first picture looks amazing. My favourite outfit of yours is definitely the black skirt with the red top. It looks great.

  4. You are boshing through things! This might sound awfully slovenly of me but do the holes in the back mean that the tshirt is an automatic chuck? Can't you keep it in the winter pile and just wear a cardi over it?

  5. I love how disciplined you're being - cardigan leaves fluff everywhere so it has to go, brilliant. I still have stuff in my warderobe that really I never wear for similar reasons - it leaves fluff or I can't wear it certain places because it's too revealing - I need to follow your lead I think!

  6. Nice outfits!



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