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Friday, August 12, 2011

Hoping and wishing...
That this Seville Chair from BHS will be back in stock soon and not sold out for good. It will look superb with my dressing table which belonged to OH's Great Grandmother.

When I saw this address stamp on Not On The High Street I knew I'd have to get one for our new home. We plan to be here for many years and now it's set in rubber (it doesn't have the same ring to it as stone, does it?).

I knew it was inevitable. I've been pinched. I can (and often do) spend hours looking at beautiful imagery and now I can to collect all my favourite images in one place - pinterest. It's a genius idea. I ❤ it.

I am always admire the great items other people find. I don't seem to have much luck, never-the-less I spent a couple of hours thrifting on Monday. I found a lovely dress for £4.00. Sadly, it doesn't fit (see my luck?) I am considering getting it altered, it really is lovely. 

Lusting after...
Tote bag, Sophie Gray at BHS and metal and glass necklace from Wallis (via a mention in Easy Living and Red magazine respectively) both a joy to behold.

Sadly, I can't find either online or instore. Yet.

Arranging flowers...
From my garden, I felt so twee but I was reminded, rather painfully, that real roses have thorns!

By the recent rioting. It's so mindless, so utterly without reason that I struggle to comprehend it. I hope that just a few of those involved go home and wonder what the hell happened and I hope there are those that feel deeply, deeply ashamed.

The rallying around, the support and kindness shown to others by strangers in the aftermath is a comfort. For every looter there are people willing to extend a hand of friendship and to help repair the damage. That is the real Britain and it makes me proud.

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  1. oh i hope you manage to track down the chair, how lovely!

  2. The stamp is such a cute idea isn't it? We have a rolling stamp for addresses/names etc but I have thought of getting an address one too :)

  3. Beautiful bag. The riots are awful, i'm worried if they don't sort it out properly soon it'll go on for a while. x hivenn

  4. ooh that stamp looks so lovely, I could do with one myself! Love the look of that chair, jope you manage to get one.

  5. Love the BHS bag! I am so going to be looking for that!! Love the necklace too, and the BHS chair xx Great blog, I am following, maybe you can have a look at mine and follow me too?? xx


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