Day 27 and 28 - Now you see me...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 27 - Shorts
I like these, they're perfect for work. The white shirt makes them even more worky (I know there is no such word but there should be). Socks was determined to get into this outfit post - either that or he wanted me to stop taking photographs and feed him...

Day 28 - Rain forecast
The perfect excuse to dig out my, so far unused, birdcage umbrella. I had one as a little girl and loved that I could hide beneath it from the rain. The dress is from Dorothy Perkins, not worn often but I fall in love with it all over again every time I do. But can I just mention footless tights, the unsung heroes of my Wearing It All challenge, without these I wouldn't have been able to continue. They have saved me from numerous days of cold, blue, goosebumped (again not a word but it should be) legs.

I will be bringing you up to date with my WIA challenge over the next few days. It's been hectic week at work and my internet connection at home has been painfully slow (too slow for someone with such a short attention span). I have been sticking to it, I promise.


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  1. love your dress and that superfun umbrella, I am looking to buy one myself.

  2. There's an umbrella like that lurking in the lost property at work. I'm letting a reasonable amount of time elapse for someone to claim it and then it's MINE!

  3. @Alex hehe! I don't blame you, I love mine but I never seem to be outside when it's raining at the same time as having it on my person...

  4. I love those shorts! They're an amazing pair and not to short! (I spent the weekend tutting at girls in ridiculously short shorts).

  5. Super cute cat and I like your dress in day 28. I would wear it like crazy!


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