One Pair Of Tights At A Time...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

'Wearing tights gives you thrush'.

This is the random comment that put me off wearing tights for years. It was made when I was in my mid teens, when my jeans and skirts that dragged the floor negated the need for any form of hosiery, but never-the-less what he said stuck (and it was without doubt a he).

Now, I know that this is ridiculous but remember it was said to me at an impressionable age, so please don't judge me too harshly. Some things stick and this, sadly, was one of them. Tights became an unattractive option to me and it wasn't something I ever really questioned. But now I realise that my wardrobe options are limited by this unecessary avoidance.

My hosiery collection consists of nothing more then a solitary pair of black opaque tights. I did try hold-ups once but spent the entire evening with my hand on my thigh to prevent one of them slipping into a pile at my ankle, which did little to change my opinion of hosiery. Anyway, I need to grow up. Tights are not the enemy. 

A timely post Wardrobe Watch For Tights Please, on one of my fav blogs The Online Stylist, got me thinking. Clever and stylish use of hosiery added a little extra something to her outfits... and so this post and the mission behind it was born.

I asked Tabio - the Japanese socks, tights, leggings and legwarmer specialists - to recommend one pair of tights that every woman should own, '110 denier tights' they replied. So, on the shopping list they go.

Self confessed tights fan Laura, aka Daisychaindream, told me that one pair simply isn't enough. So, I enlisted her help too. Her top picks? 'Oooh, Tabio 150 denier in any colour! New Look cable tights. Tesco f+f for plain black'.

This foray into hosiery can only help my current wardrobe challenge by opening up the option of skirts and dresses in these colder months. So, trusting the recommendations of others I ordered a pair of 110 denier's in black from Tabio and and these Argyle tights... in dark navy and red (well if I'm going to do this, then I'm going to DO this).

On my next trip to Tesco I popped three pairs of wool tights into my basket  - grey, brown and purple - bumping my collection of tights up to a whopping six pairs!

Watch this space, I will combat my hosiery fear one pair of tights at a time...

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  1. *tears up*

    I'm so proud of you!



  2. Oh god, that first comment! Thank god they don't! I am the girl that tried to wear black opaques in Summer/ They're like my safety blanket.

    Penny x

  3. Am very impressed with your dedication to the cause! And I am loving those Argyle tights I must say. You see... we can overcome our fears! xx

  4. Ohhh, I think I'm in tights heaven. Love the argyle!


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