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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One of my friends suggested an alternative way to paint my nails (I think she saw it on daytime TV).

Anyway, you paint your nails, not worrying about any mistakes - it can be as scrappy as you like - and then wash up or take a bath. The water will wash anyway any nail polish that is on your skin leaving you with neat nails.

Or so they say.

I decided to give it a try with my new Matte polish in from Avon.

Obviously I chose to go with the 'take a bath' route. I had a good soak and then gave my nails a light going over with a nail brush. Please excuse the dreadful photos but I found the result actually rather good - certainly on a par with what I would normally achieve.



Good eh? Have I been missing this trick? Is this one of those tips that just didn't get through to me and everyone else has been doing for years?

The polish itself is lovely, the colour is bright and rather than being completely matte it has what I can only describe as a soft sheen (the black version is very matte - think blackboard and you're there). It dries in no time at all and with two coats, lasted the week. It's a really good buy and they have five shades to choose from. Red velvet is next on my list...

Have you ever tried this application technique before?

Do let me know how you got on...

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  1. I've heard that if you put vaselline on the edges of your nails before painting you can just wipe off any messy bits. Love those colours though, the red velvet is very tempting.

    Penny x

  2. @Crafty Nell
    Gorgeous isn't it!
    I haven't tried that technique before either... next time!

  3. I've never tried that before, might have to now!Love that nail polish - gorgeous colour x

  4. I LOVE that colour and need to try this trick!

  5. Lovely colour!
    Claudia xxx

  6. oh this is good to know - must test it out xxxx

  7. @daisychain
    any excuse for a nice long soak in bubbles x

  8. what a great trick, never heard it before, but this is def what I NEED, i get polish everywhere! Thanks !

  9. wow, i must try this, neat trick!

    just found your lovely blog, im now following!

  10. @corsets, crafts and cupcakes
    Thanks for the follow, I have return followed :O)
    Your chocolate and orange cake looks divine!

  11. Just found your blog! What a fab tip, I'm always fussing with cotton buds. Definitely doing this next time. Love the inky blue shade. x

  12. I need to try this, because I am rubbish at painting my nails, thanks for the tip!

  13. Very nice! Love the color too :) I've never tried that technique intentionally, but I've probably done it without noticing (after trying to get all those mishaps off!). Thanks for sharing the great idea!

  14. That's a great idea. I rub excess nail polish off by putting nail polish remover on q-tips, and that usually works well.
    That colour is pretty fantastic as well.

  15. Thats pretty much what I do, Im pretty neat anyway but just peel off any bits later on, I find I end up making a mess if I try and fix it with remover.

  16. How fab, i must try that ! The colour is so pretty too!


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