The Day of the Christmas Delivery

Saturday, December 18, 2021

December 11th was the final Photo An Hour of the 2021. I was disappointed that I didn't manage to do them all, I missed November, but it has been a nice way to keep up with blogging since Bub arrived. I hope in the coming months I'll be able to find the time to blog a little more but we'll see...

8am Bub discovered tinsel and is wearing it like a diva

9am Stuck under a feeding baby and I’m out of tea!!

10am One of us is dressed and on the move….

11am The Postie delivered a parcel for Bub containing a Christmas book from her three cousins. It’s a book they all enjoyed as littles. 

Husband is pleased to see it’s called Father Christmas and not Santa.

12pm Short pre lunch snooze.

1pm Lunch. Courgette. We're a few days into weaning. We're at the 'first tastes' stage which is basically feeding her a different steamed vegetable everyday. It's messy and it's fun.

2pm Family afternoon stroll

3pm Trail of destruction…

4pm Sleepy feed

5pm Stealing a rare moment on my lap.

6pm Story time

Thanks to Louisa for hosting.

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  1. delightful to see you are having fun being a mum and that your little one is thriving. Betty x

    1. Bub is doing really well and is so much fun! Xx

  2. I might be going crazy but I've got a feeling I've already seen this post, and commented to it before ...
    Love the photos of Bub having fun with tinsel and enjoying her veggies! xxx

  3. I missed this one!!! So sorry!!
    I love the humour in this post and the idea of her wearing tinsel like a Diva!! Can't wait to meet her at some point!!!Xx

    1. She loved that tinsel!! I’m looking forward to introducing you :)

  4. Glad it's Father Christmas and not Santa is *exactly* what my dad would say. Followed by "We're not American!"

    1. That's what Andy follows it up with too. He says it when I say movie or cab too :D


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