The Day of the Unauthorised Nap

Thursday, October 28, 2021

September 18th 2021

8am. My first Photo An Hour photos always used to be of one of my cats either demanding to be fed, or eating. These days my first photo is feeding the tiny human…
I’m hydrating, Bub is feeding for the second time this morning (first feed was 4am).
Husband has just made me a cuppa and left for work.
We have a few hours before we go out for lunch. Must remember to feed the cats, and water the hanging baskets before we go.

9am. Haven’t achieved much in the last hour as Bub fell asleep mid feed and I got distracted by my Instagram feed…
In the last ten minutes I’ve changed a nappy, put the kettle on, fed the cats, popped some bread in the toaster, and hung some washing.
Oh, and guess who learned to roll over. 

10am. Bathtime. Today Bub discovered that she could suck the water out of her flannel. 

11am. Trapped under a sleeping baby. This is an unauthorised nap, one that could make us late for lunch. There's nothing for it but to read and wait for the sleeping creature to wake…

4pm. Back from a lovely lunch with family, and I remembered to water the hanging baskets. No point replacing neglected plants if you’re just going to neglect them too! And now for more tea.

5pm. Out for an evening stroll. It's been such a lovely sunny day.

6pm. A bit of a sit on the patio steps (with cat), the only thing missing is a cup of tea.

7pm. Feeding again (with cat) waiting for Strictly Launch Show…

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  1. It's all about food and sleep, haha. Don't knock it, she'll be running you ragged soon when she won't sit still.

  2. It's lovely to see you pop up in my side bar! That photo of your baby's teeny hand is the sweetest thing ever! xxx

    1. It’s nice to pop up once in a while, I don’t want to disappear from blogging altogether.
      I have so many photos of her tiny hands and feet, I’m also obsessed with her little eyelashes.

  3. Judging from my step-grandson, who's the same age as Bub, I can only imagine Bub is learning and discovering new things every day. Rolling over is just the start :-) Wonderful photos, and you've just reminded me to go and do something about my own neglected hanging basket! xxx

    1. I have since neglected the hanging baskets I noticed today that if I don’t do something soon they’ll be beyond rescuing!
      She is learning and changing so quickly, I had no idea it would all happen so soon. She’s well on her way to sitting up and is pretty good at travelling backwards across the floor 😆
      Hope you saved your hanging basket and your grandson is doing well xx

  4. I do love the butterfly romper. So pretty!

  5. Bub has the most adorable feet! That bubble shot is so cute!
    Nice to hear she is rolling now. Well done for watering your hanging baskets- I forget to water things! Eek!

  6. Lovely pics of little one's tiny feet (my two boys now have size 11 feet lol!) I hope you are enjoying the huge changes to your household routine and that hubby is able to fit some of his long hours around bathtime and join the fun x

  7. Hi! Hope all is well with you. I know you have a new baby and probably are very busy with all the new chores you have and just spending time with your baby. I just hope everything is ok because haven't seen a new blog entry for awhile which you probably don't have time for now. Take care and Happy New Year! Arlene from NJ (US)

  8. I got all excited and thought you had blogged! Hope you are well. xxx


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