The Day of Pottering & Reading

Thursday, June 17, 2021

12th June 2021

8am I decided to ease into the day with an hour of reading before getting up. Andy had already gone to work, feeding the cats before he left, so with no fixed plans for the day and nothing meowing at me, I had no pressing reason to get out of bed.

9am During my garden potterings (watering container pots and hanging baskets, and deadheading flowers) I discovered some rogue strawberries. They must've escaped from the troughs I had last year, I doubt I'll get to eat them before the wildlife but finding roaming plants make me smile.

10am It felt like time for another cuppa. I'd hung some washing on the line, flattened three mole hills, topped up the bird feeders, and cleaned the bathroom. I realised the day was turning into one where I'd float about the house doing this and that, lost in my own thoughts, and at the end of the day I'd wonder where the time went.

11am I took the time to really enjoy my tea, and sat daydreaming in my bedroom with Tinker the Girl Cat. An hour wasted? Nah...

12pm I pottered around the bedroom for a while, tidying this and that, organising a few bits. Then, showered, dressed and gave my fringe an impromptu trim. Surely it's a logical thing to do right before lunch on a Saturday?

1pm Fringe cut, lunch eaten (quiche, salad, apple), husband was home for as long as it took him to eat before heading back to work. I'd made myself a cuppa but had yet to decide what to do next...

2pm I indulged in some more garden pottering. When the sun is out I'm just drawn outside and everything in the house gets forgotten. Tinker followed me around, occasionally scampering off in a random direction for no apparent reason, only to return with a 'nothing to see here' attitude.

3pm With the garden reaching it's pampering limit for the day, I turned my attention to watering the pot plants inside. I also mended the hem on the one of the lounge curtains (it had been in need of repair for months), filled the salt in the dishwasher, flattened two more moles hills that had appeared since flattening three earlier, and wiped down the kitchen surfaces. Fun times!

4pm Back in the garden, this time with my current read, the last of my Parma violet lolly stash (soon to be replenished), and Socks the Boy Cat doing his best to distract me. He succeeded.

5pm Still in the garden, enjoying the sun, this time being distracted from my reading by Tinker the Girl Cat and her swishy tail.

6pm Still reading, but now indoors.

7pm Book finished. I started this on Wednesday, it was an easy and enjoyable read. My thoughts turned to what to have for supper.

8pm Of coursed I faffed around a bit before deciding on what to cook. Andy arrived home just in time to eat.

9pm Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream was the perfect way to end a warm Saturday.

10pm Bedtime. I selected an Elly Griffiths novel, only the second book of hers I've read that isn't part of the Ruth Galloway series (I've read every book in the series so far), but it's every bit as good.

11pm Still reading, it was too warm to sleep.

Thanks to Louisa for hosting, if you fancy taking part the next Photo An Hour is July 17th, see you then?

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  1. That sounds like a delightfully lazy day! Great job on the fringe. x

  2. A day of pottering and reading sounds absolutely perfect to me. Add a cat or two, and it just cannot get any better! Your supper looks quite delicious, as do your two icy treats! And how amazing that you're brave enough to cut your own fringe, and make a success of it too! xxx

  3. Yes fringe trimming is one of those things you just have to do when the inspiration takes you. Your pasta dinner looks delicious :)

  4. I love your posts. You've inspired me to do my very 1st photo an hour...

    I've also ordered that book as it looks like just the thing I like to read.

  5. I love your photo an hour posts. I'm totally going to check out those books as they look like my kind of thing.

    I just did my very 1st photoanhour - check it out if you like

    Looking forward to your future posts :)


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