The Day of the Belgian Buns

Friday, May 14, 2021

April 17th was Photo An Hour day. 

7am My first cuppa of the day was al fresco, it looked like it was going to be a lovely day.

8am During a general pottering session I collected our anniversary flowers together for composting. I find even faded flowers rather beautiful.

9am Time for some yoga

10am I didn't take a photo as I was getting showered and dressed 

11am Mum came over (we're in a bubble). She brought treats with her in the form of huge Belgian buns (seriously they were as big as my head!). I should've paused to take a photo but my stomach got the best of me. Wikipedia informs me that these buns have no known link to Belgium.

12pm I'd invited Mum over with an ulterior motive. I needed an extra pair of hands to help me frog an old knitting project - you might remember this from my previous Photo An Hour post - it was knitted with two strands of wool, which was enough to test my patience when I attempted to unravel it alone. Our only hindrance this time was Socks taking a liking to the wool and trying to take a nap on it.

1pm With the wool finally unraveled, we set about finding a pattern for some excess wool from my stash. Mum is going to knit this blue flecked wool into a cable cardigan (there is a lot more of it, not just the scrap you can see here!)

2pm With the Belgian buns making both me and Mum feel like lunch wasn't necessary, we sat drinking tea and having a good natter, which we were still doing at 3pm...

4pm I went for an afternoon stroll. A month later and this field is now a carpet of solid yellow.

5pm Watching someone else mow the lawn is always nice. This was the first time it'd been cut this year (and it really needed it!), I'd forgotten how lovely freshly cut grass smells. I have no idea what Socks was up to though...

6pm Pasta bake for supper. Then it was feet up for the nonsense TV show I Can See Your Voice (oddly compulsive viewing), followed by Casualty. Then it was off to bed...

Thanks to Louisa for hosting.


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  1. Obviously, I couldn't wait to see the Belgian buns you were referring to, only to be disappointed as most of it had already disappeared into your stomach :-) I can vouch for Wikipedia's correctness though. I had never even heard of Belgian buns, and when I googled them I was even more stumped, as the only place I've ever seen these is in the UK :-) Loving your photos, especially the one of the wilted flowers and the gorgeous yellow field. And now I'm craving pasta bake! xxx

    1. I’m sorry for the disappointment Ann, the only answer is that Mum brings over some more and I can supply you with a photo. And just so it doesn’t go to waste, I’ll have to eat that one too!

  2. Nice that your mum is in your bubble and you can have that precious time together:) love that yellow field (is it rape oil that's being grown?) we see a lot around here but hubby is allergic to it so doesnt like going for walks when it's out :)

    1. We don’t see each other very often as we’re being cautious but it is lovely to still be able to see her.
      It is oil seed rape, it’s such a vibrant yellow that it brightens even the dullest of days. The house is surrounded this year which I love! Wheat and barley are nice to have in the surrounding fields, but sugar beet is a bit dull to look at! Sadly ‘what looks pretty’ doesn’t factor into what’s grown :-D

  3. Ah, I enjoyed seeing this day! Haha, I love that you ate the Belgian bun too quickly! Our old SENCO at school used to bring a tray of them in on her birthday!
    The OSR is starting to look pretty in the farmland behind our house- I had a walk by it two weeks ago on my way to the Blue Bells!

    1. The OSR is now in full bloom, it's so bright it almost glows - I love it!!


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