Photo An Hour | July '18

Monday, August 06, 2018

The 28th was #PhotoAnHour day in July. I took part, posting throughout the day on Instagram. But I don't think it was a very exciting day for photos as they mostly contained wool.

It was too early to get up. Andy was already up and breakfasting before heading out to work. I read in the glorious coolness of the morning after a storm.

The beasts were fed.

I had the day to myself, what lay before me was a pile of wool, and a slight pom pom addiction. 

I could see how the day was going to go... still in my pjs, I hadn't had breakfast, and I'd been awake for three hours, but ... pom poms.

Yoga time. I've started to do at least 15 minutes a day and it's wonderful. And, yes, I wear flip flops a lot.

And on it went (at least I was up and dressed by this time). 

I had help of the feline variety.

Lunch. And tea. And pom poms. I ate later than usual because I was so engrossed.

The cats bring them in, I take them out again. I wasn't sure if this was the one that had been living behind the dishwasher for two days, or a different one. Later on another one sauntered into the lounge.

3pm & 4pm
Feet up, film on. I knew this was going to be a ridiculous film, full of bad one-liners and improbable escapes and feats of strength. But a film is meant to be an escape from reality, right?

Another film, cat on lap.

Pom Pom wreath finished. I'd continued to make and attach these whilst watching the DVDs, I couldn't stop until I'd finished.

He knows when I want to take his photo. He was snoozing and looked really cute. But he refuses to let me capture it on camera. If I point a camera at him he licks his bottom.

I didn't take a photo because I was doing my evening pottering - a general tidy up, putting the dishwasher on, giving the cats their nightly treat - before going to bed early. 

Finishing the day how I started it. Bed, tea, book. Andy arrived home just before 10pm.            

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for hosting.

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  1. Awww, that little bunny, so cute. And so are the cats. Love the wreath.

    1. He was very cute, I sometimes wish I could keep them. I'm a little obsessed with wreath making at the moment, it's becoming a problem.

  2. Your pompom wreath is so pretty!

    1. Thank you, it was really enjoyable to make.

  3. I loved 22 Britannia Road. A day of cats and pom poms sounds perfect to me. That poor little rabbit though! xxx

    1. 22 Britannia Road is so good. And it's set in my home town. I had a friend who used to live on that street so I could really picture the house and garden as I read.
      It was a good day, I like having the odd day where I just please myself.
      I do feel for the rabbits and try to catch then in as calm a way as possible to get them outside again.

  4. That book you're reading looks really interesting ... Are these wild bunnies your cats keep bringing inside? Poor things, that must be a really frightening experience for them. Love the pom poms, and I can understand it could be quite addictive making them! xxx

    1. It is really interesting, and like I said to Vix, it's set in my home town.
      They are wild bunnies, I do feel awful when the cats bring them in, but the cats are only doing what comes instinctively. I do tell them off if I catch them doing it, but more often than not I'm don't know they've been brought in until they wander into my lounge / bedroom / office...
      The pom poms are so addictive, it's a good job I have a way of selling them otherwise my house would soon be covered!

  5. This looks like such a calm day - how lovely!

  6. bunnies behind the dishwasher! I would love to find some behind mine:) I only see wildlife when I feed my neighbours cats, they bring in giant rats and behead them (from the woods), Amber only catches spiders. Your pom pom wreath is very pretty.

    1. I'm so glad mine don't bring in rats! But they could do better with spiders, my house is almost always covered in cobwebs.


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