Photo An Hour | June '18

Monday, June 18, 2018

The 16th was Photo An Hour day this month. I took part, and as always (she says not having taken part last month) I posted throughout the day on Instagram.


Andy had already left for work. I got up to feed the cats, made myself a cuppa, and engaged in my usual pottering - I emptied the waste paper bins, got meat out of the freezer for supper, paired a mountain of socks, and put some shirts into soak. Then I settled back in bed to read for a while. A book about the plague. You wouldn't think that would be a fun read but actually it’s really rather good, A Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks.

It was breakfast time for our weekend guest, Tommy. Tea had been consumed, the kettle was on for cuppa no.2. And the washing was machine on, plants in the greenhouse had been watered, and it was my turn for breakfast - weetabix!

More tea, this time Pukka Turmeric Gold and a second breakfast - strawberries from my garden.

The day was filled with chores and errands. Washing was on the line, the dishwasher emptied. I was showered and ready, and off to the Post Office ...

On my way back from the Post Office I might've tripped and fallen head first into my local charity shop. I bought the wool because it’s pretty and will knit up into a few cute toys, the book because my best friend loved it and she has excellent reading taste, the DVDs for when Andy disappears into harvest, and shorts because, sunshine!

Yes, there were chores to be done but I was so close to the end of my book! The greenhouse is a great place to read and drink tea (Twinings Bakewell Green Tea). I finished it, it was really good - the book not the tea, although the tea is good too!

What was left of my early lunch. Already consumed - cheese salad sandwich, dried apricots, dairy free peach yogurt.

I missed a few hours running errands and popping in to see family. I had to drop off a folding table to my brother for a carboot the following day, and had to stay for a cuppa. I also stopped by to see my Mum, she's just got back from a Safari and I was never going to get away swiftly, even though my first words were 'I can't stay long'.

I had to go grocery shopping and return something to Next. The order collection point has been moved to the children's department and as I stood there surrounded by small people and rail after rail of baby clothes, I went hot and I had a sudden urge to flee. It was suddenly the last place on earth I wanted to be. Deep breaths and concentrating on my to-do list got me through, as soon as I was outside I felt better. The effects of losing a baby can blindside you at times, creeping up and walloping you in the gut when you least expect it. I've been in the children's department recently and I was fine, I don't know why this time was so different. The shop assistant who went to get my parcel agreed that I could wait in the women's department, she'd come and find me, I think she could sense my discomfort, and I was grateful for this small act of kindness.

In the car I turned the radio up and sung along loudly (and badly) to Jess Glynn's 'I'll Be There'. Never under estimate the uplifting power of music.

Came home to realise I hadn’t seen Tinker-the-girl-cat all day. After a frantic search in all her usual snoozing places, I found her under the duvet in the spare room, very warm and sleepy. She got a thorough cuddling.

I was being helpful, going backwards when told. The bucket was full of stones to fill the holes in our driveway, Andy did all the hard work with a shovel. If I hadn't backed into the laurel hedge the next day I'd have said that I was becoming quite a proficient loader driver.

I was stuck under Tinker, so I couldn't escape the football. I sort of watched it, but I couldn't tell you now who was playing or what the score was...

Still under The Girl Cat. Football was on again, not much playing going on though, just chatter. Shortly after a game commenced, I was on my way to bed before the national anthems had finished.

Bed and new book for my reading challenge. June for the month of June. It’s a hardback, I don’t like hardbacks, but I’ll persevere... I bought it second hand via Amazon and I thought it was a paperback. I was kinda annoyed when it arrived and even considered buying it again in paperback, but I decided that was just plain stupid. Now I'm a few chapters in I've forgotten that it's a hardback and so far it's an engaging read.

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for hosting. How was your weekend?

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  1. I love these posts, I think it's because I'm quite nosy about how other people fill their days. I'm sorry to hear that you had a wobble in Next, I'm sure it's to be expected but doesn't make it any easier. I'm watching The Handmaid's Tale, I don't think it's something I'd usually choose to watch but I'm really enjoying it. We watched the first series on catch up and we're now into series two. Awww, Tinker is a tinker hiding from you under the duvet, but a very cute one.

    1. I like writing, and reading these posts. The lives of others fascinate me.
      It was just a small wobble, and I don't expect them to ever stop, but hopefully grow less in regularity. The biggest obstacle is not knowing the triggers, why was this trip to the children's department different from any other? I'll never know.
      I'm looking forward to The Handmaid's Tale, and will probably watch the series at some point. The book has leapt to the top of my to-read pile.
      I certainly gave Tinker the right name, she's always, always lived up to it!

  2. Worked saturday, sunday put bread machine on for pizza dough and put hubby and two sons work shirts on to wash danish pastry breakfast in the garden then bodypump class at the gym, then rowing machine, sauna to finish, made a bacon and egg fry up lunch for my men, did a mountain of ironing, made the pizzas for dinner and ate then ordered a map of india online, cleaned the bathroom, watched handmaids tale on tv (Think the book would be fantastic, will look out for a copy), off to bed early with my book 'the gift' arun gandhi (gandhi's son) before drifting off,to sleep! Sadly no pictures but may join in another time. Your farmers wife lifestyle is interesting, i would like to know more!

    1. Sounds like a busy day, I particularly like the sound of the sauna, homemade pizza, and danish pastry breakfast! I do enjoy days that are filled with bits and pieces.
      Maybe I'll do a post about what life means for me as a farmer's wife. It is a different kind of life.

  3. Totally loved hearing about your day. Sorry about the horrid wobble in Next. Glad that the assistant was able to help you escape it. Can understand that it hits you at times you might not expect when other times you might be

    1. The shop assistant just seemed to sense it, and I was so grateful for that. It passed quickly, once I was outside I was fine. Sometimes it can stay with me for the rest of the day. It'll never leave me completely but I am certain it'll get easier and things like this will become few and far between.

  4. I love your cat pictures - keep them coming.
    Sorry about your experience in Next and glad the assistant was so helpful.
    Hmmmm....weekend....Saturday, up at 5.30am and out an hour later for a three hour drive to London. Took cheese sandwiches and a flask of hot water for tea. Sold vintage, packed up and home for 8.45pm - watched football, too tired to eat, had a rum & coke and went to bed. in bed till 8.30....ate veggie sausages, baked beans and eggs....unpacked van....wrote a blog post.....watched football....watched football and watched more football....ordered a pizza, ate half of it...bath and bed. Rock and roll! xxx

    1. I have plenty of cats pics I can share!
      Wow, your Saturday sounds long and busy, but how lovely to be mobile, and selling again.
      I can't say I'm a huge football fan but I did watch the England game last night, and I'm happy we won, although I don't feel they played their best game (but I know very little of these things).

  5. The Handmaid's Tale is ace - and once you've read it, there's the TV series to watch on More4 - although it might be a bit too scary to watch on your own. My weekend consisted of a not-so-surprise barbie for a mate and a few beers with the F-I-L for Father's Day x

    1. I've watched all of The Walking Dead Alone, so I might be OK...?

  6. Not a bad day (aside from the moment in next of course). I loved reading the Handmaid's Tale and have loved the TV series too - I think they did a very good job with it and stayed true to the book, which always pleases me!

    I'm sure The Year in Wonder is on my wishlist - I'm thinking that's the one which features Eyam. Your post has reminded me of it, time to seek out a copy I think :)

    1. It's a great read, you won't be disappointed.


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