A Buyer's Archive | March '18

Saturday, March 31, 2018

For the third year running I'm taking part in A Buyer's Archive inspired by Elise, to keep track of my spending on clothes and accessories.


March seems to be the month that I start thinking about my summer wardrobe. I've obviously well and truly had enough of the cold weather and long for days when I can go out without a coat.

Gap cords  |  pre-loved from ebay  |  £6.49
I fancied something other than denim jeans for leg coverage, just for a change, and these are already down to less than £1.00 a wear. I've worn them 11 times already (yes I am counting).

Warehouse top  |  pre-loved from a charity shop  |  £1.00
Lovely colour, perfect for warm days, all for just a single pound. How could I leave this on the rail?

White Stuff shirt  |  pre-loved from a charity shop  |  £3.00
It just said 'take me home, you'll like me'. So I did.

H&M dress  |  pre-loved from a charity shop  |  £5.00
I think it was the that fact that the sun was shining that I bought this, the promise of warm days always makes me want to buy pretty dresses. It has arms and isn't stupidly short - perfect.

Bag  |  pre-loved from a charity shop  |  £3.50
I have thinned my bag collection to a chosen few but always felt a red one would be a good addition. And here it is, for the princely sum of £3.50.

Pink night shirt  |  Primark  |  £8.00
I'm developing a thing for night shirts, this is my second in three months. It's comfy, and washes and irons well.


Maxi skirt  |  pre-loved via ebay  |  £0.99
I've had this skirt a year, and it's been in the mend pile with a frayed seam since then. I'm now on a mission to get it mended and worn!

New Look heart shirt £4.00  |  F&F floral top £3.00  |  local charity shop 
Both have been worn a number of times. The heart shirt ripped under one of the arms, but this is one of the few items I've actually mended! It's not an invisible mend but I don't go around waving my arms about above my head (unless under the influence of alcohol and that doesn't happen much these days), so it's our secret.

New Look Shirt dress  |  pre-loved via ebay  |  £6.50
I wore this a lot last year, and recently I mended the frayed collar, and reattached one of the belt loops, so it's all ready for another year.

T-shirt £4.00  |  Dress £24.99  |  Dress £9.00  |  all New Look
T-shirt was worn a lot, the red dress once, the black dress not at all. The arrival of warmer weather means they'll be back in a capsule soon.

ASOS boyfriend jeans  |  pre-loved via ebay  |  £9.99
I wore these a few times but they're a little bit big... I'm wondering if it's time for these to revisit ebay?

Everything I purchased this month falls into the 'I wanted it' category, nothing here was needed, but I have evened out my new vs pre-loved purchases, bringing the score level at eight items each.

Total for March £26.99

Total so far for 2018: £92.23

Total at this time last year: £118.45

Left of £600.00 budget: £507.77

So, we're a quarter of the way through the year and I'm no where near being a quarter of the way through my budget, and I've spent less than this time last year. I'm kinda happy with that.

What have you been buying this month?

Look out for the hashtag to see others taking part. 

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  1. How well you have done this month, Hazel, especially as most of your buys are pre-loved. Seems most of the things you bought in March last year have been worn and are still going strong, which isn't bad either. As there was another sale at Think Twice, I didn't do very well, but at least everything I bought was pre-loved, which is some consolation ... xxx

    1. I am pleased that I've evened out the new vs pre-loved numbers, it's my goal this year to buy more pre-loved.

  2. beautiful leather bag, always an investment and what a lovely colour.

    1. and the perfect size for all my junk too!

  3. I agree with Betty, that bag is a beauty! xxx


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