Sunday, September 24, 2017

As with every season, I had a list of things I wanted to do this summer. I kinda gave up on summer activities weeks ago, because let's face it, the summer weather abandoned us and it already feels like the middle of autumn. In October last year I was still going coatless, sockless, and baring my legs!!

Although it feels like the weather was a let down, looking back I can see we did have quite a few hot sunny days.

1. Visit three different beaches in Suffolk - Felixstowe, Aldeburgh, Southwold, dip my toes into the water, and try a new ice cream flavour in each place.

Southwold, late June, after a beach clean up, with a delicious Sour Cherry ice cream from Harris & James.

Aldeburgh, July, with my Dad. We visited the Suffolk Craft Society Summer Exhibition. Promptly followed by a creamy almond crunch ice cream on the beach, and a spontaneous game of 'throw small stones at a bigger stone and see who can hit it the most'. Which ended in me throwing handfuls of stones in the hope of getting just one to hit the big stone, just as with every game of this we played when I was a child.

Felixstowe just after the school holidays finished, accompanied by Mother. I tried Blue Bubblegum ice cream, and it was pretty good, even though it turned my tongue and lips blue. The sea was cold enough to turn my feet blue, and it would have if I'd stayed in the water for longer than it took me to snap photographic evidence of my paddle.

Southwold, mid September, another beach clean up, accompanied by my Mum and her husband. Ice cream (or rather gelato if I'm to be precise) of choice was Stracciatella (milk based cream with dark chocolate shards throughout), from Harris and James again. Sea was chilly. And it rained, a lot. Not that it spoiled our enjoyment, and I also expanded my small sea glass collection from one tiny piece to five tiny pieces.

I could go on and list all of the things I failed to do - visit a maize maze, make lemonade from scratch - or the things I started to do but didn't finish, I could tell you I did some decorating but not nearly as much as I'd hoped, but to be honest, it seems a bit boring. And if I'm bored of writing these posts, surely you must be bored of reading them. Or perhaps it's just the mood I happen to be in today?

I love having a list and thinking about all the things I could do at the start of each season, it helps me muster up enthusiasm for the the months ahead and it does spur me on to do some things, but I feel deflated when I fail to tick things off. Writing about the things I didn't do seems pointless.

So maybe I should go ahead a write the list but not worry so much about what's achieved and what isn't?

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans, isn't that what they say?

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  1. Making lists and not being able to tick them off is always a letdown, but in this case, you DID visit different seaside towns and tried out different flavoured ice creams, which are perfectly summery things to do! Try not to fret over the things you did not achieve! I used to make lists too, but seem to have grown out of it. Unless it's a list of what to take on holiday, as I'd be lost without it ... I've never eaten blue ice cream, it does look a bit scary! xxx

    1. I'm not too disappointed at not ticking things off, it's just that it doesn't seem like a very interesting thing to write about.
      The blue ice cream was lovely, but without a doubt full of colourings and flavourings. Whilst it was nice, I don't think I'll have it again, not when flavours like pistachio, and maple pecan exist!
      I don't think I'll ever grow out of lists, I can't imagine how I'd function without them! hehe xx

  2. Some people are list makers. You obviously get a lot of pleasure with writing them and so you should continue.
    I can just about manage a shopping list. I'm sort of in the process of planning an Indian adventure but can't bring myself to commit on paper, I seem to think by writing it down is going to put the kibosh on it!
    Beach visits are always exciting but I'm a bit odd, I can't stand ice cream! xxx

    1. I always have 101 things going around my mind so lists really help.
      I love the beach, I haven't been to far off shores for some time sadly, but local beaches are a good substitute! How exciting to be going off to India again!

  3. I have to say sour cherry ice cream sounds amazing! Very jealous of that alone. I did nothing with my summer but work and worry - keen to make the most of autumn as I let my summer go to waste!


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