A Buyer's Archive | July '17

Monday, July 31, 2017

Each month I'm posting my clothing and accessory purchases in A Buyer's Archive, inspired by Elise, to keep track of what I'm buying and spending, and to compare with that of last year.

This year

I had another little charity shop jaunt. I decided that my gingham top, purchased last month from ebay, didn't fit well and I can only be honest and say I didn't have the inclination to alter it, so I'm putting it back on ebay. I found this Next striped top (£4.79) to replace it in my summer capsule, but I'm not sure it works now that I've got it home.

I also said goodbye to my Primark California t-shirt, bought for £2 in Cancer Research. I washed it three times before it became so misshapen that I could no longer wear it. I even tied it in a knot at the waist to disguise the wonky hem for a few wears, I haven't done that for years, possibly decades! To replace it I bought a cute blue shirt (£3.25) originally from H&M.

Then I found a lovely long sleeved floral shirt, originally from Oasis, for £3.25, which has been tucked away for autumn.

A few weeks later I somehow (?) found myself wandering around Next on the first day of the sale, I'd wondered if a skirt I'd tried on a while ago would be in the reduced. It was! From £60.00 to £25.00, I grabbed it, paid, and was back in my car before I could change my mind. With no occasion to wear it I decided to find any excuse to get it on my body, first up I wore it to Tesco - just because. Then I wore it to a friend's for dinner. I have a meal out coming up next month so I can wear it for that too. Can you tell I'm trying to justify my purchase here? If you love it, wear it, right?

Within the last few days I added a new bag to my collection. I'd been looking out for a small leather bag, and when I visited the Yoshi website and saw this one I didn't have to think twice (I blame Laura). It was originally £65.00, down to £30.00 with a 20% discount, making it just £24.00, how could I not?

Last year

H&M dress, top left, £16.78 and ASOS dress, top middle, £18.00, both pre-loved from ebay.

These dresses were a result of some slightly drunken ebay bids. I didn't need either of them but I purchased them for a wedding, for which the rose one was worn. I can't swear to it but I think the fact that they both had pockets fueled my desire to make them mine.  I almost wore the second dress recently, but didn't. I'm not getting rid of it though, it's too pretty. Perhaps I'll pop it on next time I go to Tesco?

July 2016, wedding guest ready

Poncho  |  ASOS  |  £20.00
Purchased in case of a downpour at Latitude but for the second year running we had glorious weather. Instead it was worn for sitting and watching an outdoor performance of The Tempest in the rain, which was incredibly apt and only served to add to the experience in my mind.

Bracelets  |  H&M  |  £3.99 and £4.99
The silver one I still have and often wear it, the other was given away.

Bikini  |  Debenhams  |  £26.00
Purchased for the possibility of swimming in the lake at Latitude. This still hasn't been worn.

Ombre Poncho  |  Tu  |  £12.00
Worn a few times but I do believe it's been given to charity, but I might have to check my wardrobe for confirmation.

Sunglasses  |  H&M  |  £7.00
Snapped beyond repair and chucked into the recycling.

Sandals   |  £16.00
I haven't worn them yet this year, and it's unlikely that I will given the purchase of a much nicer, more comfortable pair in April. These are destined for the charity bag.

Festival hat  |  Latitude  |  £10.00
Sold at a carboot sale for a quid. I have three hats and I only ever wear them once a year at most.

Total for July: £60.29

Total so far for 2017: £392.39

Total at this time last year: £489.64

I did spend more this month than I anticipated but I think I've purchased some great items, that'll get worn and be enjoyed a lot. Maybe August will be less spendy?

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  1. I see you are still way below last year's total, so well done! That Next skirt is divine, and a bargain to boot. And yes! I love the bag! I did think it was bigger until I saw it in your opening photo ... You're looking fab in that photo, by the way, still rocking that gorgeous green skirt! xxx

    1. Yes, but I have a budget in mind of £600 total spend for the year, so I need to be a bit careful with spending over the next few months.
      The bag is a good size for just essential bits, I often carry a large bag and end up lugging around loads of stuff I don't need.
      Thank you, I am loving the green skirt!

  2. I fully, and happily take the blame for the bag purchase! xx

  3. What fun that bag is! Have you had any pervy comments yet? I can just imagine the reaction of most Walsall blokes if I went to 'Spoons carrying that! Good to see the magical green skirt, too.
    What a shame that gingham top wasn't quite right but you've done a cracking job with the replacements! xxx

    1. ha! I hadn't thought of that. I've only had it a few days so no comments yet. It says "NO' on the other side so that might come in handy.
      The green skirt is definitely going to the 'the' piece of the summer

  4. That Yes bag is immense! I love it

    1. me too! so glad I didn't stop to question the purchase :)

  5. That bag is AMAZING! I love it, definitely a great buy.

  6. charity shopping is definitely guilt free shopping! I notice your style is far more informal this year.

  7. I really like what you wore!! I'm wondering if your Primark California tee is the one that Bill wore in Doctor Who this series! She wore a Primark California tee!! The bag is just adorable !!! I love it!!

    1. Could be! How many different California t-shirts can Primark produce? Such a shame it didn't last, I really liked it.
      I am loving the bag. I haven't used another bag since it arrived.

  8. Oh I love that floral skirt you found from Oasis originally - that's so pretty, I love the print. Really like the outfit you wore to the wedding too, that's so lovely. The Yes! bag is so cute too. - Tasha

    1. I'm really looking forward to wearing it in the autumn. I don't have a lot of cooler weather prints so it's nice to add some to my wardrobe.
      I loved the rose dress, and felt fabulous all day. I'd love to be able to wear it again. And, yes, the bag! I love it!!


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