A Buyer's Archive | May '17

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This year

After last month's attack of the spends I thought I'd be more restrained with my spending this month, but it seems I haven't finished just yet.

Firstly, I picked up a fascinator for £6.00 and a pair of shorts, £2.50, in my local charity shop, not that I need either.

Then I decided I wanted a lace crop (but not too cropped) top to wear with the high waisted midi skirt I purchased last month. A quick look on ebay, a sneaky last minute bid, and this BNWT Topshop lace top was mine for £6.00.

I then wanted a cardigan for a funeral, for which we have been asked to wear colour. This turned out to be rather tricky as you don’t want to be too colourful, and there is a real possibility that you can look like you’re going to a wedding (especially as my most colourful items have been purchased specifically for weddings). In the end I settled on a patterned knee length skirt but I needed an appropriate top. So I purchased a cardigan from New Look that I know I’ll wear again, £9.99.

Next up I purchased 2 vest tops, £11.20 - 20% off in Miss Selfridge, to wear under the cardigan and the lace top. Talk about a cascade of spending.

Last Year

Asymmetric Knotted Sweater  |  Zara  |  £19.99
I have a love/hate relationship with this. Sometimes it's the exact thing, other times it just annoys me. Is this normal?

T-shirt bra   |  Asda  |  £4.00
Not pretty but practical and necessary. And worn a lot.

Fatface top | Mind charity shop | £3.00
This lost it's shape after a few washes, and so has been relegated to the 'stuff I sleep in' drawer.

Wrap top | ASOS | £26.00
I decided after I'd worn this a few times that I actually rather disliked it. It's long gone.

Necklace | Next | £14.00
Love this!

Crew neck jumper | ASOS | £16.00
I really rather like this. But haven't put it in a capsule for a while. 

T-shirt | Topshop | £14.00
An essential. I love the curved hem, it's really flattering.

Total for May: £35.69

Total so far for 2017: £264.95

Total at this time last year: £301.89

Looking at my purchases it's clear that May isn't a month in which I add much colour to my wardrobe.

Anyway, my total is still under what I'd spent at this time last year, and maybe now I've satisfied my spending itch I can have a more frugal month in June... we'll see - the arrival of summer always seems to make me crave new clothes.

Thanks to Elise for the inspiration and for organising the hashtag.

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  1. I don't think you've overspent there, you've added some new things to your wardrobe but haven't gone overboard buying them at full price. I like the lace crop top, that's so pretty.

    1. It feels like I didn't stop spending but I guess I didn't spend to much. The lace top is my favourite purchase of the month.

  2. So many pretty pale colours! I bought a grand total of one item in May - not much of a Buyer's Archive post for me this month.

  3. I think you were rather restrained this month, in spite of the cascade of spending. I'm sure you will find a use for the fascinator soon ;-) xxx

    1. I'll wear it in the garden if I have too!

  4. Are you off to latitude this year? You should wear the fascinator there. Anything goes!! xxx

    1. I was just thinking about Latitude, I might only be going for a day this year, but it's a good idea x


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