Photo An Hour | April '17

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Usually Photo An Hour lands on a day when I have no plans and spend the day reading, pottering and doing very little. But this month I had a blogger meet planned with Sophie and Kezzie for a charity shop rummage and a spot of lunch.

Sadly my phone battery died half way through the day but Kezzie kindly let me use her camera so I could continue to document the day until I got home and back to a charger.

Every time we get together for a charity shop rummage we all always find loads of stuff, I wonder if we encourage each other a little too much...?

7am - The day started as it usually does with a cat sleeping on my dressing gown, looking too cute to disturb. But I did - ha! (it was chilly).

8am - The usual rituals of getting ready for the day

9am - Breakfast of kings - snap, crackle and pop.

10am - Sophie arrived and we bundled in to my car to collect Kezzie from the station.

11am - A quick coffee in a rather sweet cafe in Ipswich - Applaud Coffee - after the one I was going to go to had shut down (this happened to me last time Sophie and Kezzie came to visit too). But I think I like this coffee shop better, so not such a bad stroke of luck after all.

12pm - We're all already a handful of purchases in. I bought a fab Laura Ashley midi skirt in here and the first of what would turn out to be many book purchases.

1pm - Fed and watered we venture on. We still had seven charity shops to rummage in.

2pm - Straining under the weight of our numerous bags. I had to buy a bag as I'd filled the one I'd taken with me.

3pm - Four charity shops still to explore...

4pm - I lost track of time about now but with all the shops visited we were in great need to a cuppa and a cake. Red velvet for me, Victoria sponge for Sophie and Kezzie.

5pm - Having left Kezzie at the train station, and deposited Sophie back to her car I was at home admiring all my purchases. Socks took an instant like to my new tote bag and slept on it for the next few hours.

6pm - I'm always shattered after a charity shop romp so a cuppa and a bit of a lay down was much needed.

7pm - Having bought 12 books, been given another two by Sophie, and remembering I'd purchased two others last week I thought I should crack on with reading my current book.

8pm - Popcorn appetiser. We didn't get around to the main course. I was asleep before 9pm.

A lovely, lovely day.

Thanks to Jane for hosting, it's always good fun taking part, and I really like looking back on these posts to see a day in detail.

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  1. Your book haul was truly heroic! It looked like you had a fab day, what a good one for Photo An Hour to land on.

    1. It was a great day! Although Kezzie informed me that she's purchased 20 books in one day before... so now I have something to aim for ;)

  2. What good timing, your Photo an Hour challenge coinciding with your bloggers day out!
    Lovely to see the three of you out having fun but no Wetherspoons? It's almost the law for us fifty something bloggers when we meet.
    That's a whopping pile of books.
    Fab cats! xxx

    1. We had a really good day, but no, no Wetherspoons, Sophie and I were driving and I don't think Kezzie drinks.
      I've had to rearrange my bookshelves to accommodate all my new books - better get my reading hat on!!

  3. Oh wow, how lovely! Charity shops, cake and lovely bloggers! Your book haul is impressive - I'm jealous! Switzerland doesn't do charity shops.

    1. Really? No charity shops? But what do people do when they want to get rid of stuff? I don't know why this has surprised me so much but I just can't imagine it!

  4. I love these Photo an Hour posts, and how great to see the three of you having a fun day out. Great book haul, and judging from the number of bags, none of you went home empty handed! xxx

    1. We certainly didn't, I had two bags, Sophie had three, and I think Kezzie had four!!

    2. Well, if we count my handbag- I had 4 (evidence in the picture!) but one of them was mostly filled with rubbish from my breakfast and my book! I realised I was quite restrained compared to last time! I ended up with 2 blouses, 1 jacket, 1 dress, 4 books (all for other people) and 2 music books! Oh and the two balls of wool for my Mum!

    3. My mum calls me the Bag Lady. As did my friends in Yorkshire who moved away 10 years ago! They referred to me as that when we went to stay in Feb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think we were more restrained than last time but still bagged some good items. I got away with only two bags because mine were so big and roomy. Maybe you just need a bigger bag??

  6. This looks lovely! I'm really impressed by all those books, and the one you're reading now looks fascinating. Also, this has reminded me that I really must treat myself to more cake. :)

    1. It's called Sylvia's Farm : The Journal of an Improbable Shepherd. I first heard about it via Yarn Along, it's such a good read.
      I've found a recipe for Red Velvet cake that I have to try!

  7. Looks like a lovely day, yey for charity shopping and a huuuge pile of books! :D

    1. I can't wait to get started on that pile!


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