A Buyer's Archive | November 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This year I'm joining A Buyer's Archive with Elise, to keep track of my spending on clothes and accessories.

I placed an ASOS order. I didn't mean to. I just sort of slipped and fell.

I popped onto the site to buy a Christmas present (and I did) but instead of buying it and leaving, I had a nosy through all of the new in items, and then looked at my saved items. Suddenly I had a trolley full of things that, oops, I just ... ordered.

They make it too easy.

My order turned up the next day, I decided that the present was perfect for the recipient, I tried everything on, and then returned almost all of it.

I kept two items, a grey t-shirt £17.00. And exactly the same t-shirt in a pale neon orange £7.00. They're baggy, with a peplum style front and a dipped hem at the back. The grey one has been worn a few times already for nights out, the orange one put away for spring.

A few weeks later, whilst having a quick nosy around a few charity shops for some wool, I found a neckerchief for £1.99 that rather took my fancy. I haven't worn one before, on account of feeling like an air hostess every time I tried, but fancied the challenge of making it work. As it turns out it's not actually that hard.

Total for November: £25.99

Overall total for 2016: £720.59

Which leaves me with a budget of £24.41 to hit my target of £745 total spend for the year.

Check out the hashtag on Twitter to see posts from everyone taking part.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm really liking them. Can't wait for the summer to wear the orange one!

  2. Loving the grey top. You've done so well on your sending. Think I may do this next year.
    X x

    1. I've found it really helpful to keep a running tally.

  3. You're looking lovely in that top, which has such an unusual but flattering shape. I love the neckerchief too. Charity shops are great for little accessories like that, without the guilt trip. xxx

    1. Thank you :) I used to wear tight fitting tops all the while but now I find something with a bit of extra room far more flattering (reading between the lines I'm talking about the dreaded middle age spread!)
      I'll be keeping an eye open for a few more neckerchiefs.

  4. Having a maximum that you must not overtake is a good method to keep an eye on your savings!
    I am afraid I would be scared if I knew how much I spent in clothes during the year!!
    In any case the t- shirts are very cute! :-)

    1. Over the the last 4 years I have spent a lot more, so this has been a good exercise.
      I really like the tops, definitely worth buying :)

  5. I like those tops, they're something a bit different and can be worn for going out or for casual. Online shopping makes it all too easy to buy things you don't really need, doesn't it?

    1. So, so easy. It just doesn't feel like you're actually spending money.

  6. Oh wow, that t-shirt is looovely - roomy yet very flattering! I struggle to find tops on ASOS, but then again I tend to browse the outlet which is all crop tops! ;-)

    1. So much of ASOS is too short, see through or cropped. But hidden away are a few gems :)


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