A Buyer's Archive | September 2016

Saturday, October 01, 2016

This year I'm joining A Buyer's Archive with Elise, to keep track of my spending on clothes and accessories.

Since 2012 I've been keeping a tally of my spending, but this is the first year I've been adding it up as I go along. Before I'd wait until the end of the year and then add it all up, which is probably how I ended up spending a lot last year.

2014 was my lowest spend, coming in at £745.65, and I'm determined to beat that this year.

At the end of last month my total for 2016 so far was £526.85, which gives me £218.80 to achieve my goal. This works out at £54.70 per month between September and December. I'm hoping to find a new winter coat this year and have my eye on a few pairs of boots, so I'm going to have to be careful with my pennies.

This month has seen only a few items purchased, both from my local charity shop.

Bracelet  |  Charity Shop  |  £1.25
Very similar to the Links of London friendship bracelets (although I know this isn't the real deal as the Links ones have the logo engraved on them), but I like it and have already worn it a lot.

Coin Purse  |  Charity Shop  |  £3.50
I love this style of coin purse but I rarely see it in shops (unless you count the teeny tiny ones for girl's in Accessorize - which I don't). My current one is looking a little tired so this one with it's polka dots, bow, and button will make a lovely replacement. I might add a few more embellishments - one button is never enough.

So a good month spending wise on two items that have already been worn / used a lot.

Total for September: £4.75 - a very satisfying £50 under budget.

Overall total for 2016: £531.60

Check out the hashtag on Twitter to see posts from everyone taking part, usually Kezzie, Lucy, Janet, Donna and, obviously, Elise.

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  1. That bracelet is lovely and a real bargain! xx

  2. Wow - you've put me to shame with your teeny spend, well done! More money for boots now...


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