A Buyer's Archive | March 2016

Friday, April 01, 2016

Keeping track of my spending on clothes and accessories in A Buyer's Archive with Elise.

There are so many things I could've parted with cash for this month! I think it's due to the arrival of spring and the few glimpses of sunshine that we've had, all I can think about are sunny days and warm evenings. I think my wardrobe is so much more exciting in the warmer months of the year.

My first purchase of the month was down to discovering I'd been wearing the wrong size bra for just about forever.

T-shirt Bras  |  New Look via ASOS  |  £7.99
I started off with a cheap and cheerful two pack - one white, one black - to cover all bases. I was reluctant to buy anymore for a while in case I woke up and discovered it was all an elaborate prank. Having worn an A cup for such a long time, it's taking me a while to get my head around being a DD.

Anyway ...

New Look Sunglasses |  New Look via ASOS  |  £12.99
Because it's spring and both my other pairs were scratched.

Long cardigan  |  H&M  |   £14.99
It seems I can't resist the lure of a long cardy these days. This is the third one I've bought this year (despite a ban on buying knitwear - oops).

Bras  |  Next  |  £20.00
Because by mid month I'd decided that having two bras simply wasn't enough.

Black heels |  New Look  |  £19.99
The ones I purchased in January turned out to be too big, even though they seemed fine when I tried them on in the shop. So they went to a clothes swap and I picked up another pair in New Look - and wore them the very next day.

Skirt  |  clothes swap  |  £0.00
I only found one thing at the clothes swap, I spied it from a distance and knew I'd love the fabric close up, and you can imagine how delighted I was to discover it had pockets. It needs some altering but I'm really looking forward to wearing this.

Dorothy Perkins dress  |   £0.99 and New Look dress  |  £1.24  |  both via ebay 
I can not resist a last minute bid on ebay, I discovered both of these dresses moments before the auctions were about to end. They are only my second and third pre-loved purchases of the year and sadly neither will be staying in my wardrobe.

The one on the left doesn't fit well. The one on the right is rather more colourful than the ebay photo led me to believe, I was expecting something muted. It's the risk you take with ebay but at least my local charity shop will benefit.

Total spend for march £78.19

Total so far £182.68

I'm yet to set foot in a charity shop this year, which has a lot to do with seeking out items online that I've needed, rather than spending time browsing the charity rails. But as April will see my Spring capsule wardrobe come into play I'm planning a charity shopping trip. I'm hoping for some cute summer tops and maybe dress or two.

Joining in A Buyer's Archive with Elise (and Janet and Donna and possibly a few others, follow Elise on Twitter and look out for the hashtag).

What have you purchased this month?

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  1. Gorgeous buys, love that striped skirt! x

    1. Me too, I just hope I can alter it so that's it's wearable

  2. Boo, it's a shame about your ebay dresses, I've lost count of the number of times I've received something which hasn't been quite what I'd expected.

    1. I go through phases when almost everything I buy from ebay is a bust and I swear 'never again', but I always go back... when you get something fab for a tiny price it always makes up for it!

  3. You and long cardigans is like me and striped tops - just cannot resist!

    1. But, do you know what? I think I've decided that I'm not that keen on how they look!!


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