How I went from an A cup to a DD

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Simple answer: I tried a different way of measuring myself and discovered that I was wearing completely the wrong size.

If you're anything like me you learnt to measure yourself from the handy guide at the back of a Marshall Ward catalogue 25 years ago. I'd been doing it the same way for years. Until now.

I'd never questioned if my bra fitted properly, I'd measured myself and purchased bras in that size. They seemed to fit just fine. Why would I question it?

Sure I had a little gaping in the top of the cups but I thought that was because, being an A cup, I didn't have quiet enough boob for the job.

Whilst browsing my Pinterest feed my interest was piqued by this pin about wearing the right size bra (apparently 80% of us don't). As I said I thought I knew my size so I don't know why I clicked through but reading the post and following the links within it, I was suddenly convinced I wasn't the size I thought I was.

I won't repeat the whole post here but I will say give it a read, even if you think you know your size.

This post about proper fitting shows examples of how a bra should, and shouldn't, fit and sit on the body. It was seeing these that first made me wonder.

So with tape measure in hand I tried this method of measuring, I popped my numbers into this bra size calculator and laughed my head off.

30DD? You've got to be kidding.

I dismissed it as nonsense and got on with the rest of my day.

The next day I went to the supermarket and as I wheeled my trolley down the aisles I caught sight of the bras. I pondered for a moment and then grabbed a 32C (30DD not being available, but if you go up a band size and come down a cup size you still get a pretty good fit - something else I learnt from the post).

Inside the fitting room I was astounded. Having used the 'scoop and swoop' method of putting on a bra, it was a perfect fit! So much better than the 34As I'd been wearing. The placement of the underwire was better, not to mention more comfortable, and there was no gaping in the cups.

My old bras had basically been squishing my boobs in an unflattering manner.

Standing under the harsh lights of the fitting room, in front of a full length mirror I would normally feel dreadful, but this time I felt brilliant.

Never under estimate the power of a well fitting bra!

Let me know if you try this method, and if you have a similar experience. What method do you use if different? There seem to be lots of different ways to do it.

I'm so pleased I read the post, even if it does mean I have to replace all my bras.

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  1. Ahrgh, it drives me mad that I cannot seem to access your blog properly on my phone- it just WON'T let me comment!!! I read this in the car yesterday and it has me intrigued- my bras seem to fit like you described yours used to- I'm going to see if I can get my Mum to help me measure in this way (I'm really daft when it comes to following instructions like those on the website) and see what I should really be- I've been finding my bras really uncomfortable at the moment!!x

    1. I wonder if it's something to do with the theme I'm using?
      I'm so surprised at the difference a better fitting bra has made, I can't believe I wore the wrong size for so long!

  2. Hi Hazel, Helen here. I love your blog as you know but this particular post has really struck a chord with me. I got 'measured' by the discreet ladies at Rigby and Peller 3 years ago who size you by sight! I went from a 34A to a 30C in seconds!
    The bonus to being a non-standard size (apart from well-fitting brassieres nowadays) is the occasional absolute bargain in posh lingerie shops! Really recommend the brand Marie Jo. Kerching but often gracing a sale rail.

    1. I'll make sure I check them out. I haven't looked in many shops yet but the ones I have have so far not stocked anything in a 30.
      I did wonder about Rigby and Peller but never did anything about it, I wish I'd done something about it sooner! A well fitting bra makes all the difference.


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