I spent Valentine's Day eating Corkers Crisps

Monday, February 15, 2016

On Saturday morning my postie knocked on the door and surprised me with a unexpected parcel. The lovely guys at Corkers Crisps had sent me a box full of their delicious crisps!

They have some new flavours and a new look. As a graphic designer I love a little brand refresh, and as someone who really appreciates crisps, I love eating crisps!

The new look gets the thumbs up from me. Based on the everything that is quintessentially British, they are still easily identifiable as Corkers but the colours pack more punch. The ghosted British icon wallpaper background has been replaced with a vibrant collection of colourful graphics.

The new look packaging better represents their quirky, original ethos. I like it.

As for the new flavours, they've added to the vegetable crisp range with Parsnip with Honey & Black Pepper, and Sweet Potato with Chilli (as part of the redesign the vegetable crisps can now be identified by the teapot graphic, the potato crisps by the bowler hat).

Andy isn't a fan of vegetable crisps (which suits me, it means I get to eat them all!). But I did let him try these new flavours as he loves anything with chilli, and his love of parsnips knows no bounds.

Andy and I sampled the delights of Corkers crisps back in September. I fed him as he drove his tractor up and down, and tried to guess the flavours. It was fun, it was funny.

It's an afternoon I often think about and it always makes me smile.

Corkers now remind me of summer, of hanging out and laughing with my husband, and spending a lazy afternoon doing very little (well I didn't do much, Andy was working ...).

It seemed perfectly timed that another box of crisps arrived for me to share with Andy on Valentine's Day.

Forget expensive gifts, chocolates and roses - romance resides in the bottom of a packet of crisps in our house!

We tried the vegetable crisps first. As I predicted I loved the parsnip ones, sadly so did Andy which meant I had to be a nice wife and share them. The sweet potato and chilli crisps were spicy and a nice twist on regular vegetable crisps. If you're a fan of vegetable crisps these won't disappoint.

It seems the Red Leicester and Caramelised Onion might have been replaced with Cheddar Cheese and Chive. Not for the faint-hearted this flavour packs a serious punch! They are Delicious (note the capital 'D').

The one thing you can say about Corkers crisps is that they are flavourful, these are not delicate hints of flavour, but tastebud assaulting, make you sit up and pay attention flavours, teamed with a good satisfying crunch.

They're every bit as good as I remembered.

For my own amusement I wanted to see if Andy could correctly identify the flavours after our blind taste test back in September. He couldn't. But he was close enough.

I let Andy have the Duck and Hoisin Sauce crisps all to himself because they're his favourite. And he's mine.

///  Thank you to Corkers Crisps for sending me these tasty morsels just in time for Valentine's Day. All opinions, and crisp related memories are entirely my own  ///

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  1. mmm crisps... I think the only food better than crisps is chips. All the potatoes! :)

  2. Agreed, these are amazing crisps! Love your romantic attachment to them too, I've not yet mastered sharing well enough to part with most of mine, much as C wants to eat them all xx

    1. I don't think they're made for sharing really...

  3. You romantic pair, you two! The thought of you eating crisps on a tractor made me smile! I agree, romance is definitely handmade! x

  4. Read the title of this post and just thought 'Nothing wrong with that' haha :)

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. You gave him the duck ones/!?!?!! There's no way I'd give them up! mmmm, I'd choose crisps over choccie any day!x


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