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Thursday, June 18, 2015

When it comes to packing I like to think that I'm pretty shit hot. I've always travelled with a compact case, stuffed full of all the essentials and not a thing more. But, balancing of the precipice of our honeymoon, I've not a clue what to pack.

I've gone blank, I'm clueless, I've even muttered the words 'I have nothing to wear'.

We're off to Zurich, the hotel is pretty fancy and I'm not convinced the weather can be relied upon and these things have sent me into a packing spin. So, I've been ignoring it.

A friend once told me that the time is takes to pack is the amount of time you have. If you leave it to the last minute, then a minute it will take.

In my avoidance I decided to take this approach, and now I'm starting to panic. I've gone into a mad washing and ironing frenzy, barking at Andy "don't wear that now if you want to take it" with alarming frequency.

I've lost the plot. It's official.

Starting at the beginning. We're away for 7 days, so I'll pack seven pairs of pants. There is a pool so I'll take my two swimsuits - this shiz isn't so hard.

What shall I wear to travel in? Not jeans, definitely not skinny jeans. Not my fabulous new jumpsuit - think of the loo on the plane. A dress? A maxi dress maybe? Can I just roll myself up in my duvet?

My head hurts.

So far I have pants, swimsuits and a dress. And I'm travelling naked it seems. Nope, I'll wear the dress to travel. Which means I'm now back down to swimmers and pants.


Wait, I read an article once on surviving a plane crash (I know), the gist of it was wear trousers, don't take your shoes off and don't get drunk.

So, not a dress. Jeans, I need boyfriend jeans! *visits ASOS* *makes a purchase*.

Yeah I've got this covered.


I can't find my sunglasses.


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  1. Oh, I don't envy you. I am SO bad at packing. I am the last minute packer. Once you're there you totally forget about the things you left behind. In fact, I almost got used to a capsule wardrobe when I was in Las Vegas, and I didn't wear anything more than once. Then I got home and wondered why I even needed so many clothes.

    1. I used to be so good at this, I don't know what's happened. I used to love planning and packing a holiday wardrobe. You're right, it would be so much easier if I already had a capsule wardrobe sorted. One day...

  2. Ha ha, this is so funny!!! Playsuit loo dilemma na ha ha!!!! I'm also rubbish but it usually works out in the end!!x


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