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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life has taken on a weird... thing - I don't even have a word for it - everything now falls into two distinct categories - Before Wedding (BW) and After Wedding (AW). BW seems like a lifetime ago, BW I was making plans for all the things I was going to get done after AW. I'm still working through this AW list.

BW wedding everything non work or wedding related took a back seat, piles of stuff that needed sorting appeared all over the house and some still remain, but one of the things I wanted to do was sort out my office (get rid of all the stuff dumped in there) and return to some form of normality.

Randomly, one day in Feburary I went out to get my haircut and came home having bought an armchair. I had every intention of putting it in my office, and I did. But it sat in the middle of the room for weeks BW, waiting to be moved into position.

A few weeks AW George at Adsa got in touch and asked if I wanted to choose something from their home range. Yes please. I knew I'd be looking for items for my office.

I love my new armchair but it's completely out of kilter with anything else in the room, I don't care too much, such is my love for my new chair. But I knew that a coffee table of some kind would be most useful, a few cushions would make it cosy and a lamp to light the corner would prove very handy.

It's turned the once chaotic corner of my room into a place for reading, resting and quiet contemplation, not to mention a place for cats to enjoy, they spend more time sitting here than I do.

Socks tried to stake his claim back in February, before I'd even got the chair in the room with the cushion in place.

The rug (on the arm of the chair) was a wedding gift and the heart cushion a birthday gift from Andy's sister a few years ago, the floor rug a birthday gift from Andy. I think all in all it looks pretty good, and you never know, one day I might actually get that Mucha print on the wall!

I love how the '&' cushion helps to tie the chair and the floor rug together (which is no mean feat for two completely differing patterns!) and the beam coffee tables are perfectly sized for magazines and cups of tea, and are a much better (and far easier to reach) option than the floor!

The footstool is marvelous - I love the chunky texture, it (literally) helps me 'put my feet up'. What I'd really love is a well loved leather one. I'm keeping my eyes peeled in local charity, and curiosity shops, car boots too, but for now this will do nicely.

The lamp is really lovely and looks more expensive than it's £20.00 price tag and it has a gold tassel. A gold tassel.

I'm super pleased with the side tables, I didn't have room for anything too big and I wanted something simple. I love the combination of contemporary and ornate pieces, of old discovered items and new additions all mixed in together.

This is how the room looked back in January. Quite a transformation eh?

I did chose 'A' and 'H' cushions too, but four cushions on one solitary armchair is just a few too many, it was the adult equivalent to taking ALL your soft toys to bed. The cushions (lovely quality considering they're a mere £5.00 each) now sit on our bed, and will fit in perfectly with the new decor I have planned for the room... when I get round to it (it's on the AW list).

Thanks to George at Asda for sending me these items. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the transformation :) The cushions are such a lovely touch and I really love the footstool... I'll have to check out the home range next time I'm in store!

    1. Thank you. I'll be keeping an eye out in the future too, they have some really lovely things!

  2. Wow, I love it! It looks so cozy and chic!

    1. Thank you, I'm pleased with how it looks, it's fast becoming one of my favourite spaces in the house.


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