Hello Autumn.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here we are on the first day of autumn. Summer seemed to disappear ages ago and did so practically overnight, only to return again with some glorious sunny days. Even so, I'm already embracing the season. With the recent purchase of a few autumn essentials, I'm good to go. As much as I love summer, the autumn brings some of my favourite things - slippers, roast dinners, scarves, deep bubble baths, cosy PJs and chunky knits.

But this year I have a new obsession that comes in the form of lipstick and blush. I've never really used either of these things on a daily basis but having become ever so slightly addicted to beauty channels on YouTube I'm becoming increasingly drawn to blushed cheeks and pretty pouts.

Lisa Eldridge is my favourite channel. I hold her fully responsible for the large majority of my recent skincare and beauty products purchases, of which there have been many.

For the first time ever I wore bronzer this summer but I'm popping that away for the foreseeable future and embracing my pale skin. Instead I'll be relying on blush to give my pale complexion a boost.

I bagged this Rimmel Stay Blushed! cream blusher, after seeing Lisa Eldridge use it on Alexa Chung in her Alexa Chung tutorial. Sadly, this blush is the only thing that Alexa and I have in common *sigh* but it is a pretty colour (Sunkissed Cherry) and great for teaming with an nude or orange lip. It has a slightly thicker consistency than other cream blushers I've tried but it melts into the skin on contact and blends easily.

I've also picked up some tips on how to make your lippy last longer, it's a pet hate of mine to leave it on the rim of your coffee cup (why can't it just stay put?). It's stopped me bothering with lippy for years but, thanks to another of Lisa's videos, I now think I've cracked it (seriously this girl crush has got to stop!).

My Autumn look will most certainly feature a stained berry lip. I treated myself to two berry colours to see me through the cooler months ahead. I picked up Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish no.30 and Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry, both are so beautiful I couldn't decide between them. And thanks to One Lipstick, Many Ways to Wear it Tutorial! I've been using this on my cheeks too.

Wearing Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry

Having gone a little overboard in the lipstick department over the summer I was looking to expand my blush collection, so doubling up lippy as a blusher will save me a small fortune. It also means my lips and cheeks will compliment each other perfectly #win.

How are you ringing the changes for Autumn?


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  1. No changes for me yet, just going with the flow, eg. What do I feel like wearing today, rather than weather.
    You look pretty in thus lippy. I do like lippy but rarely remember to put it on. I have a lovely Agnes B one kicking around somewhere... x

    1. I think lippy is something that you get into the habit of wearing

  2. I feel I really need this lipstick in my life! x

  3. I love lippy but can't wear it at work (teacher) so I've fallen out of the habit.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. I didn't realise that teachers couldn't wear it...

  4. I could definitely have done with summer going on for a bit longer. I love that dark lipstick shade. I'm on the hunt for some nice dark ones for winter.

  5. I love that lip color on you! I own so many lipsticks and glosses and I really should wear them more often!


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