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Saturday, March 01, 2014

I've dipped into most subjects on this blog but one thing I don't tend to talk about is technology. More precisely, apps. I have plenty, most of which I don't use, but I find the ones I do use, I use a lot.

My favourite? Instagram and Camera+

The ones I should use more often? Simply Being and 5K Runner. I'm seriously behind on the later.

Couldn't live without - BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Pinterest and eBay (clearly I need to spend less time sat on my ass and more time in my running trainers)

The one I wish worked? Google Places, this has worked once. Just once. It let's me down when I'm in London all the time, and this is when I'd find it most useful.

The most recent? 7 Minute Workout Challenge.

Reason for buying? The promise of a good workout in just seven minutes.

Does it work?

I've used this twice so far and I have to say the day after I felt it, not in a I-can't-move-without-winching sort of way but I definitely felt it. It's easy to follow and all you need is a wall and a chair and seven minutes.

It's 12 high intensity exercises done in 30 second bursts with a 10 second rest in between. The claim is that it's the equivalent of working out for an hour. I'm not completely convinced by this but it is a good way to get your body moving and heart pumping - which can only be a good thing, right?

I'll be using this as an addition to my (currently meager) exercise regime, not as an alternative. It'll be easy to see if I improve as currently I can't do 30 seconds of push ups. Not even close. Push ups with rotation? Not a snowballs. Strangely, I can do triceps dips without to much difficulty... which makes me think I must be doing them wrong!

Do you use apps to workout? Which apps do you use the most?

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  1. Feeling very sad admitting these but camera, Tom Tom, Facebook, eBay, twitter and hive for my heating.

    X x

    1. Ah yes, the camera! I use the one on my phone mroe than my proper camera. That's a bit sad.

  2. I don't have many apps. I mostly use Whatsapp, torch, Bible app and obviously my camera. But that's it! X


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