My motto for 2014.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I have been pondering resolutions and goals, wishes and hopes for 2014 and I realised that a lot of them are the same as for 2013. Namely to start (and finish) the multitude of things I've been meaning to do and finish little jobs around the house. I constantly have a to-do list as long as my arm and I'm always busy but I don't feel as if I ever make much progress. Hence my motto for 2014.

Having read and enjoyed many resolution posts over the past few weeks I have compiled a list of my own, nicking a few along the way.

See something cultural once a month.
I loved Harriet's idea of seeing something cultural once a month. She did this last year and visited some great places so this is going on my list. I hope to drag Andy along with me when I can and if not I'll rope in some friends (I don't see nearly enough of them these days).

Make more of an effort.
I chuckled reading Jenny's resolution 'to make more of an effort', nodding in agreement as I read. Now that I work at home I do tend to just pull on a pair of jeans and drag my hair into a ponytail most days. My boyfriend must wonder what happened to his previously well turned out other half. I totally agree with Jenny when she says she feels better when she's made more of an effort. This ties in nicely with my desire to wear more of my wardrobe. I'm contemplating another Wearing it All challenge. I enjoyed it the first time around and my wardrobe has changed a lot so it could be fun to do it all over again.

Do nice things.
I thought that Su's idea of A List of Nice Things was a fabulous idea (found via Jo). She takes time to do something nice once a month. I promptly added this to my list of things for 2014 - I'm counting a nice thing as anything that I don't have to do, that takes me away from everyday life, even if only for a few hours.

Don't just pin, do.
I decided that I should spend less time pinning and more time actually doing / making / creating some of my pins. I have a boards called Projects and I've yet to try even one of them, not to mention the recipes I haven't cooked and knitting and crochet tutorials that have gone untried. One a month sounds good to me.

Learn a skill.
I like the idea of learning something new, taking a course, meeting people and having a useful skill at the end of it. I'm thinking flower arranging, upholstering or dress making - it depends on cost, time and location but it's definitely worth some investigation.

Obviously I have the standard 'eat well, move more' type resolutions but I always fail at these. Having read this Red Online article, about making bite-size resolutions, I decided to make small daily changes instead. I'll let you know how it goes.

I hope that this will give me plenty of things to look forward to in 2014 and that by the end of it I'll have finished many outstanding projects (hopefully), have a tidier home and a healthier diet and lots of new recipes mastered.

How are your resolutions holding up?


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  1. I'm going to try and do something cultural each month too. Bristol is full of culture and history, it';s time to start exploring! x

    1. I'm hoping to discover some new and exciting places in my home county too. Should be fun...

  2. It's crazy how many things there are to do near me, yet I've never visited them. I should make more effort to enjoy the local area.
    I liked your Wearing it All challenge, another one would be great!

    1. I've just discovered that my town has a museum... I had no idea!
      I guess another Wearing It All challenge would help me to keep my 'make an effort' resolution.

  3. I love your motto for 2014. I am definitely trying to do some more cultural stuff this year and have a made a start by going to the Bristol museum and art gallery which was amazing and free!

  4. Sounds like the perfect motto! So glad you liked my own resolution to see something cultural each month - it's so easy to miss out on the things right on your doorstep.


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