Three Years Old!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Three years ago I published my first post and this one is the 353rd.

Last night I read my very first post for the first time in ages and it's clear that, from the beginning, I have been intrigued by wardrobe challenges and wear-a-thons. My favourite of all is The Little Brown Dress, where a lady called Alex Martin wore a dress she'd made every day for her 29th year. On her 30th birthday she removed the dress for the last time in a public commemorative performance. The website is now, sadly, a fashion blog, somewhat different to the ethos of Alex's original idea, but you can read out it here.

Anyway, I got me thinking again. It's been a while since my last wardrobe challenge and after pondering what to do for a while, inspiration struck. To mark my third bloggerversary I have decided to wear three dresses for 33 days. Starting today.

I seem to struggle more and more with the idea of fast fashion and having failed at finding any solid evidence that high street shops are doing all they can in ethical terms, I have been turning more and more to pre-loved clothes. But I still have a wardrobe full of clothes that rarely get worn and more and more this bothers me. Does this stop me buying clothes? Nope, I still succumb to instant gratification that a new (to me) purchase brings. But I'm hoping that one day the point of all these challenges will finally sink in and I'll see my wardrobe transformed into one that is hard working and well thought out.

In some ways my buying habits have changed and I attribute that to this blog. Writing it, and the challenges I've completed, mean that I'm far more aware of the clothes I have and the money I spend.

For example, I've stopped buying ridiculously high heels that I'll never get the opportunity to wear. I've stopped buying short skirts as I've learned that no matter how much I say I'll wear them, I don't. And one that has surprised me - bags. My bag purchases have plummeted. I have loads and used to change them regularly, sometimes on a daily basis. Since I've started working from home I've found that I just don't have the need for them. I've also switched to carrying much smaller bags which has been a revelation. Overall I find that I'm thinking 'I don't really need it' and 'I won't ever wear it' before putting something back on the rail. So you see some progress is being made.

Anyway, back to the challenge. As the sun was shining this morning, I decided that I should wear my latest dress purchase. It's so comfy to wear, although prone to static, so I pinned a safety pin into the hem and sprayed the fabric and lining fabric with hairspray and hey presto - no more clingy dress!

The rules are that I can wear the dresses with anything else from my wardrobe and the hope is that I don't repeat any outfit entirely. Although, on that I make no promise.

Do you ever look at your wardrobe feel similarly exasperated? Have you noticed any changes in your buying habits and what has sparked the change?

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  1. I so often look in my wardrobes and truly struggle to find something to wear. Which I realise is ridiculous as I have a silly amount of clothes, but I wonder if that is the problem - too much choice. Can that be a problem?
    I LOVE your elephant print dress, so I'm definitely excited about this challenge. I have no clue how I'd wear something for a whole month, though.

    1. I sometimes find too much choice to be a problem - especially when it comes to menu's, if there is too much I have to read until I find something I like the sound of and then stop, otherwise I'm there for ages!

      I actually love this dress more than I thought I would. Even Andy commented on it, 'nice dress' he said, most days he doesn't even notice what I'm wearing, I'll take that as a compliment!

      I've got the second dress picked out but I have no idea what the third one will be... lots of options!

  2. Congratulations!!!! The dress is super pretty! 3 dresses only??? Woe, hard!!! X

    1. I guess that's the challenge! I'm mentally styling them up already and it is going to be hard!

  3. Happy Blog birthday!!!
    I recently stopped buying things I know I won't wear too, and it's left me with a wardrobe of basics and classics, in neutral colours. Some might say that's boring, but I know it's what I'll wear!!

    And good luck with the challenge. Can't wait to see how you get on.

    1. Thanks Sherin.
      It doesn't sound boring at all, there is no point in having clothes you're not going to wear.
      I hope that in the end my wardrobe will end up with the classics and basics too - then I can throw in a few statement pieces ;o)

  4. Happy Blog Birthday! You are trying to achieve something I still haven't managed to! Lets hope this is the year to stop with the impulse purchases! x


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