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Friday, May 10, 2013

There are many places on this earth that I would like to visit, right now a remote, exotic island with turquoise waters and room service sounds wonderful but there is one place that I am determined to visit before I depart this earth.

The Giraffe Manor, Nairobi.

Back in July 2012 I spent a few days in Kenya before moving on to Zanzibar for my best friend's wedding. During our stay we went on a drive through the Nairobi National Park and then to the Giraffe Centre.

This is where I caught my first glimpse of giraffes in the wild. I don't know what it is about them but I've been fascinated by them since I was little.

I was beside myself with joy when I spotted these fellas.

A little further on we saw this pair just a few feet from the track. To say we spent ages gazing at them would be a massive understatement.

Next stop The Giraffe Centre, honestly, when they handed me food to fed the giraffes with you'd think they'd handed me a pile of diamonds!

This is me feeding Giles - or so I named him, his friend's (me) call him 'G", he head barged me out of the way as soon as I'd run out of food - rude. Bad G.
The kid in pink looked amused but I didn't care, I was FEEDING A GIRAFFE!

He stole a little bit of my heart.

And then this little fella came along, not quite tall enough to reach but made the most of it with his tongue. Doesn't come much cuter than that!

And that's the story of how I come to dream of staying at The Giraffe Manor, as the tagline states, it's 'The only hotel in the world where you can eat breakfast with giraffe'.

After that I'd like to go on safari. I don't want much do I?

Tonight I'm going to dream of dining with the raffies.

Part of Elizabeth's Blog Everyday in May Challenge.

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  1. Oh wow this looks totally amazing! I love Giraffe's! Hope your dream of going there will come true very soon x

  2. I love giraffes too. How wonderful to see them in the wild.

  3. What gorgeous pictures. Seeing animals in the wild is such an amazing experience. I've seen a mountain lion in Canada which was awe inspiring.x


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