Is it tacky to have a giveaway of unwanted Christmas presents on your blog?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is it tacky to host a blog giveaway of unwanted holiday gifts? This was a poll run by IFB and it seems to be a close run thing (it was a 51% - 49% split when I voted) and, if you're wondering, I voted 'no'.

It is a fact that we sometimes receive gifts that are, for whatever reason, unwanted. This is not to say that they aren't appreciated, they're just not quite right. We've all had gifts like that.

What would you do with an unwanted gift? Donate to charity, sell at a carboot sale or on eBay, give it to someone else? That has to be better than leaving it in a drawer gathering dust surely?

I don't see how a giveaway really differs from donating something to charity, at the end of the day you're still getting rid of it. And it's better to get rid of something you won't use than have it languishing in a cupboard somewhere.

To my mind if someone enters a giveaway, they want to win what's on offer, so you can be sure that your unwanted gift is going to a good home, were it will be used and appreciated. On the flip side would you mind if your prize was an unwanted gift? And if you're giving away an unwanted gift should you declare it as such or just keep that detail a secret?

For me having things that you don't use / wear / love is a dreadful waste. Passing them on, however you do it, to someone who will appreciate them just seems like the right thing to do. Call it recycling. Does giving away a gift make you an ungrateful person? Perhaps.

I'd be interested to hear what you think? Would you give away unwanted gifts on your blog?

And, just to be clear, this isn't a sneaky way to find out your thoughts before I do a gift laden giveaway ;)


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  1. I mostly agree with you - I have no problem whatsoever with charity shopping unwanted presents or giving them to other people who'll like them more than I do. I've got more hardcore about it in recent years though. The house just isn't big enough to hold onto things that I don't love or won't use.

    I think my only sticking point about doing a blog giveaway with them is that it's that bit more public than sending them to a charity shop or saving them to be given to someone else. I would hate to offend someone by telling them I didn't like their present and you do kinda run the risk if friends/family know about your blog that they may see you giving away something they've spent ages shopping for.

    1. I hadn't thought about it from that point of view, my family don't know about my blog so it wouldn't be an issue for me, not that I currently have any thing to give away. I had a duplicate gift a few years ago for a birthday and thought about putting it in a giveaway but it ended up going to charity.

  2. I was quite lucky this year to receive on the whole, things which I had asked for, or which were well-received and I loved. I have had things in the past which I already owned one of, or which I just won't use (anything to do with make up in my case as I don't wear it). In that case, I would recycle, re-gift or give it away, or maybe sell it on..I don't see any point in keeping soemthing around which is of no use to you..

    1. Like you, I was lucky this Christmas loved everything I was given. A few years ago I was given two of the same bag, one went to charity.

      I agree that there's is no point in keeping something that you don't use, which is why I was so surprised to find that so many people voted 'Yes' in the poll...

  3. I always write a list but the Toilet Brush from my Mother In Law was unwanted! Don't think I can use it as a "bog" giveaway!

    1. Ha! You can always use it to stir her tea!

    2. Car boot sale and then charity shop. I wouldn't put it on line, too much risk!

    3. I don't think it's tacky to giveaway an unwanted gift (as IFB asked) but I hadn't thought about the possibility of the person who gave you the gift seeing it online - that would be dreadful. I'd not thought of it from that point of view and I'd hate to upset anyone, least of all someone close to me.
      Car boots and charity shops all the way!

  4. I received 6 duplicates of the same present this year (I laughed harder every time I opened the successive one!). Luckily, it's something which can be used up! I kind of agree with the above who say, you (as in the impersonal 'you') might offend someone who might see on your blog!x


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