The Mend Pile - Project 2, 3 & 4

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Mend Pile remains largely untouched despite my New Year resolution. Time to crack on.

Project Two
A case of some simple mending. This top has a hook and eye fastening at the neck. One of the hooks attached itself to the jacket of an unsuspecting chap as he walked by, tearing it at the bust seam. I don't know who was more surprised but I know I was definitely more embarrassed!

A few simple stitches and it's back in action after almost four years (sorry I forgot the 'before' pic).

Project Three
Is my favourite pair of shorts. They've had a split in the side seam since I bought them back in 2006 (not that that has stopped me wearing them) and with the sunny weather approaching (she says looking dubiously at the sky) I decided it was time to mend them...

I love these shorts, they're the perfect length, can be rolled down or down as required and are slouchy and faded to perfection. These will be worn until they fall apart.

Project Four
A dress that needed some serious mending from the outset. I picked this up for £4.00 in Primark nearly two years ago. A number of the beads where hanging off, which I reattached some time ago but the seam still needed some attention.

This dress makes a lovely soft jingling sound as I move. The fabric is soft and fluid and the shape is flattering making it easy to wear, which is probably why I couldn't bring myself to leave it in the store.

All perfect for enjoying the sunshine.

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  1. Well they all look fab. Its great what a quick mend will do.

    X x

    1. Exactly, a few minutes spent at the sewing machine and I've got three new items in my wardrobe!

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  3. those shorts look so versatile, I'm not surprised you love them x


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